Banned Or Illegal Sports of Some Countries

An activity consisting of physical exertion and mental skills is called sports. But often, a lot considering the physical activity, people came up with several bizarre sports using their bizarre creativity which perhaps, resulted in abuse or harm that ensured the sport to be banned by a few jurisdictions and 먹튀검증. The list of bizarre sports is shown below to make you question your sanity.

Shock Fighting

Not many people have heard of this sport, but this indeed was a thing ever to exist until it was restricted from being conducted. Bass jumping is Mixed Martial Arts, in other words, where tasers are inserted inside the gloves of the contestant by the shock fighters to increase the level of pain endurance.

BASE Jumping

The sport is similar to skydiving. The performer has to jump from tall artificial structures that are restricted to be performed in specific areas like cities and crowded places as it can lead to personal injuries and requires private property that is unconvincing, also causing inconveniences to the public and vehicles users when they land. Also, this sport is conducted by illegal trespassing and jumping off buildings without any orders and notice.


The sport is performed by placing a crash sheet on the ground, and the climbers see the bouldering. Bouldering is similar to BASE jumping but has a manufactured structure to the game. This ridiculous sport was made illegal due to the invasion of private property and the participants’ risk factors.

Street Racing

Vehicles are all over the world and are recognized throughout the globe. Motorbikes and cars are now the passion of many youngsters, and they tend to enjoy driving like never before. This struck an idea in the minds of many and street racing has been established and been a popular sport since then. The risk factors are many; racing a car at unacceptable speed on public roads by untrained and inexperienced drivers can cause many accidents and crashes of the driver and the public. Due to such apparent reasons, street racing has been banned by many jurisdictions.

Bull Fighting

Triggering and enraging a bull with red clothing is banned from many countries like Argentina, Cuba, Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom. But yet, the sport is praised and massively enjoyed in countries like Spain, Mexico, and Portugal. Different nationalities have different opinions regarding bullfighting as many say this game is outrageous and torturous to the bulls disguised as a sport.

Cock Fighting

The sport is as ridiculous as it sounds. Cock Fighting is when two roosters fight each other to win, leading to the death of one rooster. This clearly shows that this sport causes animal cruelty which breaks the law of violation. What encourages such a sport is gambling. People bet on roosters according to their preferences to earn money in an easier route. The greed of money often leads to such bizarre kinds of sports.

There are plenty of sports that were banned from numerous countries due to the inconveniences it causes. We all shall refrain from being bizarrely creative to prevent such sports.

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