How to Complement Your Curves 

There’s no getting away from the fact that paying attention to the tiny details of your outfit can make a huge difference. If you’re not putting your curves in the limelight, then we think you’re missing out big time. The great news is that you don’t need to do a great deal to reveal them. So, if you’re keen to accentuate those gorgeous curves of yours, check out Chi Chi London’s helpful tips for complementing and owning the body shape that you have.

Off the shoulder tops 

While you probably don’t need us to remind you how stunning off the shoulder styles are, we’re going to do just that! Due to their ability to emphasise the widest part of your shape, these chic numbers are just perfect for accentuating your curves. They’re also great at helping your waist look smaller. Off the shoulder tops and skirts effortlessly help you boast that hourglass shape while being super comfortable and incredibly easy to slip into.

Lower necklines 

If you’re curvaceous and your wardrobe is currently packed to bursting with high necklines, why not change things up a little? Dresses or tops with a particularly high neckline can make your figure seem a little boxy – as opposed to curvy – due mainly to the block of colour. On the other hand, deep V’s draw people’s attention to your face and do an excellent job of showing off those beautiful curves of yours.

Colour blocking 

You don’t need the magical capabilities of someone like Derren Brown to manufacture the illusion of curves. All you need is to select the appropriate colour block clothes. For instance, opting for dresses replete with side panels filled with colour are excellent at creating the illusion of a curvier body shape while accentuating those you already have. The technique of colour blocking is used broadly across the fashion industry and is such a simple tip for bringing out the very best in your curves.


Let’s start with a caveat – you’re going to either love or hate peplums! But if you give them a try, you will find that they beautifully complement your curves. Thanks to the added sturdiness and structure, peplums can be matched with high rise trousers or chic skirts to really bring attention to your beautiful curves. What’s more, your waist will appear thinner, and your overall body shape will look super smooth and turn heads for all the right reasons.

Embrace your curves 

Even if we were to provide you with all of the fashion advice from all over the world, none of it would work for you if you’re not willing to embrace how you look and the shape of your body. After all, everyone has something to be proud of, and curves, in particular, are such an asset when it comes to adding another dimension of beauty to your unique look. The bottom line is this – don’t shy away from those beautiful curves, and embrace the body that you find yourself in! As we hope you can see from our top tips, complementing your curves doesn’t have to be difficult. Providing you put some thought and preparation into your outfit, you can look stunning in so many outfits within our diverse curve collection, so be sure to browse through until you find something to add to your wardrobe today.

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