How to Find a Good Hairdresser

Your hair is one of the first things that the others would notice whenever you step out. That is why indeed you need to take excellent care of it. Hairdressing is an ever-evolving industry with numerous trends coming up every now and then. To own a flawless cascade of thick, luscious hair, you need to find a great hairdresser for yourself.

Singapore is famous for world-class hair salons and hair spas. However, to have a hairstyle that compliments your look, you need the consultation of a well-experienced hairdresser. Finding a good hair salon and a skillful hairdresser can be much harder than you might imagine. Besides, there are several factors you need to consider when looking for the right hairdresser for your next hair care appointment. In this article, you are going to learn the best tips to find a great hair spa in Singapore.

 Do Your Research 

Before going to a hairdresser, you need to have a basic knowledge of different hair trends that you can follow. The key is to do enough research on your own. You may surf the internet, scroll through popular hairdressers’ social media platforms, and ask your friends’ opinions. Knowing your hair type, following a healthy hair care routine, and keeping good track of all the hair treatments that you have gone through can prepare you to go for an exciting hair transformation at your desired hair salon.

 What Makes a Good Hairdresser? 

Anybody can be a hairdresser once they complete the required training. But, to be a good hairdresser, one needs passion and tremendous dedication to the work. Hairstyling is an art that should come from within. A good hairdresser should have the magical ability to understand their clients’ desires and give them a delightful hair experience. With the right training, keenness to learn new things, patience, and good communication skills, a hairdresser can earn the reputation of being excellent at their job.

What should You Know When Picking a Brilliant Hairdresser in Singapore?

1. Look into the Training 

Having gone through a recognized training period is a must for any hairdresser. Singapore already has a number of reputed schools, universities, and other institutes that offer top-notch hairdressing lessons. Some salons even send their trainees abroad to achieve world-class qualifications. When you are searching for a hairdresser, always remember to check whether they have completed the necessary training courses from a reputed institute. You can even ask what areas have they covered during their training such as haircutting, coloring, rebonding, etc. to be sure that they will be familiar with your desired hair treatment procedure.

In addition to the hairdresser’s certificates and other paper qualifications, you need to confirm whether the salon where they practice is registered at the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and have obtained the license to practice a beauty and wellness business in Singapore.

2. Get a Consultation 

Getting a consultation is a big part of choosing a good hairdresser. Once you pick a set of salons and hairdressers after doing your research, pay a visit for their consultation. Have a conversation with your preferred hairdressers and get their opinion on your hair and your desired style. If you are not satisfied with one, you are always free to go for a second opinion. Make sure to choose hairdressers who have excellent communication skills and are friendly, patient, and attentive to minimize complications in explaining your requirements to them.

3. Scroll through Reviews

Reviews are quite important to stay in the beauty and wellness industry in the long run. All top-notch hair salons have reached their standards with the undeniable support of good reviews. Only the hairdressers who cater to clients’ requirements with passion and dedication and provide them with excellent customer service receive positive client reviews. You could either go through the website or browse the social media pages of your chosen salon to ensure whether they have actually given a delightful hair experience to their clients.

4. Don’t Let Social Media Imagery Deceive You

Nowadays, the majority tend to choose salons after seeing images of styled hair on social media platforms. It is a very convenient and interesting way, yet you need to know that social media imagery can often be deceiving. Most salons post heavily edited pictures of their hairdos on social media as a trick to attract new clients. However, you need to be aware that most of these pictures are photoshopped to look more vibrant. If you select hair colors, hair textures, or styling methods among social media imagery, the chances you get disappointed at the end are high. It is always a wiser choice to meet a hairdresser in person when choosing the colors and styling methods.

 5. Decide the Price Beforehand 

 Hairstyling procedures are popularly known to be costly. If you are investing money in your hair, you always need to choose your hair’s perfection over the cost. However, the most expensive salon is not always the best salon. When going for a hair treatment, you always need to know the cost of the entire procedure due to two reasons,

  • To know whether the treatment is affordable
  • To be sure that the procedure does not come with hidden charges

Certain hairdressers only display part of the cost on the price chart and clients often get disheartened after hearing the full price including hidden charges at the end of the procedure. A good hairdresser always tells you the full price of your hairdo before starting the process. If you are not satisfied with the prices of a salon, you are free to compare them with a few more salons.

Does a Top-Notch Salon Mean a Brilliant Hairdresser? 

Believing the cliché opinion of society, you might think that you would find the best hairdresser in the highest-ranking hair salon in Singapore. In reality, the best hairdresser does not necessarily have to be found in a top salon. Hairdressers undergo individual training courses and receive firsthand experiences in hairdressing individually. No matter which salon they work for, good hairdressers always do their job excellently. However, apart from the hairdressers, you need to be particular about the hair products that are used in their salons. Typically, top-notch brands only put their hair products in top-notch salons.

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