How to Winterize Your Canadian Home

What a Canadian winter looks like is not going to be one size fits all throughout the entire country but there sure as some tips that everyone would benefit from. Whether you’ve got yourself acres and acres of St Albert real estate or a townhouse in Vancouver is where you call home, following a few simple tips can help in making sure your home gets through the winter without any major damage. 

On top of preventing damage, who doesn’t love saving a little money? Given you are winterized correctly, not only will you be protected but your home will also be better insulated. Better insulation will make things all the cozier for you and make sure none of those pesky pipes freeze. Unsure where to start with making sure you are ready for the winter? Here’s the best tips to get things ready. 

Start With The Heat

No better way to get things moving than by starting at what’s most important. No matter what type of heating system that you’re home as, start by getting things checked. Just because everything was fine at the end of last winter doesn’t mean things will be OK at the start of this one. Remember, that was months and months ago. 

Make sure to start with the air filters simply because those are the easiest to overlook once you start looking for potential problems elsewhere. You can simply check how they are looking, but it’s advisable to simply throw some fresh ones into your heating system so you have a date to start the countdown as to when to change them next. 

Work Smart, Not Hard

Your phone isn’t the only thing that’s smart these days. In fact, as the years go on, it’s getting harder and harder to find devices that aren’t considered smart. For whichever type of heating that you have, there’s going to be a smart way to make sure things are running as efficiently as possible. 

From smart leak detectors to smart thermostats, what exactly makes sense in your home will depend on the set up that you have, but bringing a little technology into things is a sure way to both automate some of the process as well as save you on your energy bills. This is also a way to leave the home with a little more confidence than you’ve had in years past.

For most things smart, as you know, there’s typically a smart phone app that’s going to allow you access to data you only would have dreamt about in previous decades. 

Remember To Look Up

We don’t always think about it, but keeping in mind the simple fact that heat rises is an important step in winterizing your home. That’s going to mean a few things and the most important of those is to make sure your attic is insulated properly. Given that heat rises, the last thing any homeowner wants is for the heat (and in effect their money) going right out through the roof. 

When looking at this idea on a room to room basis, don’t think that your ceiling fans are only useful during the warmer months. Not everyone realizes this, but most fans are going to have the option to run counterclockwise. This is the setting you’ll want on throughout the winter.
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No surprise, having things run this way will keep that heat away from the ceiling and back on those in the room.

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