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Promoting synthesis of collagen is another way to encourage healthy, plump, smooth skin. This means providing the skin with vitamin C, an important cofactor required to convert collagen subunits into active collagen proteins. Because vitamin C is water-soluble, it cannot build up in the body and form reserves, so consuming vitamin C–rich foods frequently is important to ensure that your skin can make collagen.

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#3: Elastin

Elastin is a coil-like protein that helps the skin resume its shape when poked or pinched. A decrease in elastin can cause the skin to lose its firmness. With age, the body produces more of a hormone called DHT, which inhibits elastin production.
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Thus, as we age, elastin production decreases and the resilience of existing elastin fibers diminishes. This results in areas of decreased firmness, especially along the jawline, along the neck, and around the eyes.

In addition, repeated mechanical stress to elastin (from frowning, for instance) can permanently stretch out these fibers and lead to sagging and wrinkles. Like collagen, elastin can be damaged by ultraviolet light from the sun, as can the fibroblast cells that make both collagen and elastin.
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Topical creams may claim that they contain elastin and can improve the skin’s elastin content; however, there is no proof that topical application of elastin increases elastin levels in the skin. Because iron has been linked with increased elastin production, eating ironrich foods like spinach and dried fruits may be the best option for boosting the amount of elastin produced in your skin

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