Silver for Sale Perth

Buying silver for sale Perth has become a popular choice over the past few years, particularly for those looking to invest in precious metals. Whether you are just starting out or looking to restock your collection, there are a number of options to choose from.

Koala coin series

Currently, the Australian Silver Koala series is one of Perth Mint’s most popular silver bullion series. The coins are struck in pure silver, and feature a charismatic koala. The coin’s reverse features the Koala holding onto a tree branch, while its obverse features the country name of Australia.

Perth Mint’s Australian Koala silver coins are available in both one ounce and kilo sizes. They feature a different Koala design each year. There are a few Koala series coins that are rarer than the others, and can sell for a much higher price than the silver content.

In addition to the Australian Silver Koala series, Perth Mint produces coins in the Lunar series, which features a different animal every year. They are made in a variety of sizes and offer mint-to-order mintages.

Swan River Colony

Whether or not the Swan River Colony is a success is not yet known. However, the proposed site is certainly a candidate for a future port of call. The land is located on the Western Coast of New Holland.

The land is characterized by similar terrain to that of King George’s Sound and the Isle of France. The soil is adapted to the cultivation of tobacco, sugar, cotton, flax and various drugs. The local advantages include a sheltered anchorage and safe roads.

The area is a key to the whole intervening coast. A vessel sailing singly from England would reach Swan River in about 80 days. The shortest voyage would also allow for easy interchange of productions between countries.

It is no small irony that Swan River is situated on two streams of wind and in the vicinity of a military station. It is also the only port between Cape Leuwin and Sharks Bay.

Silver 007 coin for Tuvalu

Considering the popularity of the James Bond franchise, it’s no surprise that the Perth Mint has teamed up with the small island nation of Tuvalu to create a silver 007 coin of its own. The 2022 James Bond 007 Tuvalu Silver Coin is available from JM Bullion. The coin boasts 1 Troy ounce of 9999 pure silver in BU condition and is presented in a protective capsule. The coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The obverse of the coin features the 60 years of Bond coin. The coin has a mintage of only 20,000 coins, making this the last one you will have to wait to find. The coin is accompanied by a themed shipper. The proof variant is encapsulated in a 007 branded case.

Silver Lunar coins

Sell silver Melbourne Lunar Coins is a great way to celebrate the Chinese lunar calendar. These coins are also legal tender in Australia. They are available in several different sizes, including one ounce, two ounces, and five ounces. They are also available in a variety of colors and designs.

Perth Mint’s Lunar series has become one of the most popular coin series in the world. These coins are based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which is a twelve year cycle that was established in ancient times. In Chinese culture, each animal has profound influence on those born in the year in which the animal is represented.

The Perth Mint Lunar series is one of the most beautiful coin series in the world. These coins have a rich yellow color, and feature beautiful golden topaz gemstones.

Year-to-date gold sales

Buying gold is an option for investors who want to diversify their investment portfolio. But, investing in commodities such as gold can be risky. It’s best to research your options before committing to a purchase.

The Perth Mint is Australia’s official bullion mint. It is responsible for a wide range of coin programs, including the Australian Gold Kangaroo series, which is an example of high quality standards.

Perth Mint has a reputation for craftsmanship, quality, and beauty. It is also known for its bullion gold and silver products. In addition to producing coins, the company also provides refining services to the gold industry.


Perth Mint is responsible for marketing most of Australia’s legal tender coins. The company also produces proof quality Australian Nugget gold coins.

Perth Mint’s year-to-date gold sales are up 160%, with sales up 26% in July. Perth Mint is also known for producing coin related numismatic items for collectors and investors.

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