5 Tips On How To Wear Leggings The Right Way

Whether you’re a proper gym rat or you just like to lounge around in comfy clothes, leggings are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Fashionably incorporating them into your personal style can be quite challenging sometimes, and finding the right pair can be a tough ordeal. Luckily, we’re here to help you with all your activewear issues and make you look as stylish as ever.

Pick the right shoes

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes to go with your favorite pair of leggings, variety is the spice of life. Because comfortable leggings are essentially athletic gear, you can pair them with both sporty trainers or something more casual like Converse or Vans. Apart from sneakers, leggings can go quite well with other shoe choices, including ballerina flats, sandals, and loafers. You shouldn’t be afraid to sport them with a pair of ankle or knee-high boots either. Just make sure to pick the best style of leggings, since more athletic ones won’t match the style of a fancier shoe. However, faux leather leggings, which are all the rage at the moment, fit great with booties.

Go the ‘90s way

Nineties style has been gaining traction in recent months and, luckily, this decade has provided us with one of the most casual ways to sport leggings. For this type of outfit to work, you should probably pick dark cotton leggings, preferably black. Pair them with a turtleneck. If you’re a lover of patterns, here is where the fun starts. Layer your eclectic turtleneck under your favorite sweatshirt and make sure that the pattern matches in hue and texture. To finish the look, pick some cool earrings and a bunch of necklaces in a wide range of lengths. When it comes to shoes, ankle boots or Docs will match lovely with the entire vibe of the look.

Be fashionable at the gym

In recent years, many more women have become interested in fitness as well as the lifestyle and fashion that go along with it. This is why there have never been more options to choose from when picking your perfect gym style. From matching legging and top sets to bike short tights paired with oversized shirts, the choice is ultimately yours.
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One of the ways some stylish women love to wear their full-length leggings is by buying a matching set that is guaranteed to turn heads in the local gym. High-waisted active leggings are also a very popular choice because they will comfortably tuck in your belly while accentuating your waist and making your peach pop.

Make your leggings look chic

The leggings alone aren’t that stylish but with the right shirt, you can transform them into a fashionable outfit. Don’t opt for a top that is too short but rather pick one that goes all the way down to your hips or down to the center of your knees. Additionally, the top should not be too tight since leggings are already tight enough on their own. With a good belt, a basic button-down shirt may work but a silk blouse can also do the trick. This way, leggings can be worn to work, a brunch with friends, or even a date with your significant other if paired with a woolen oversized sweater. If you’re wearing this outfit with a cardigan or a sweater, you can get away with a shorter, tighter shirt since the attention should be on the garment that covers it.

Choose the appropriate pair

Finally, don’t forget to choose leggings which fit properly. Nothing makes the look less flattering than see-through leggings which are tight in all the wrong places. Make sure that the seams aren’t cutting into your skin because it both looks bad and it is very uncomfortable too. When you go shopping for athletic tights, make sure to squat in the dressing room to find out whether they’re squat-proof.

Leggings are one of the most versatile types of clothing since they can be worn in casual settings but you can also make them look quite chic and dressy. No matter your preferred style of tights, be it more sporty or classy, always make sure they fit you nicely and pair them with an appropriate pair of shoes and accessories.

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