Best Beekeeping Kits for All Beekeepers – Review & Purchase Manual

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Are you a beekeeper or someone who wants to be a beekeeper?

Well, one of the first things you want to do is bees. I know you see these very experienced beekeepers on YouTube working bees without suits.  So if you are in the market for beekeeping sets, I hope this guide will help you buy with experience.

Why do you need beekeeping clothes

If you are thinking of keeping bees, you need a bee kit. You must protect yourself from bees. Do not assume that bees are bad creatures because they are not.
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In fact, they only bite when they feel that the hive is being threatened. So if you put yourself in their shoes and realize that if you are unsure of what is going on, the big man is breaking into their home and can threaten anyone. So, with that in mind, be kind to the bees and buy a bee kit. That way you won’t do what they do when they hear their home is being attacked.

Over time, however, we’ve learned from experience that bees get used to you and stop seeing you as a threat, so they’re less likely to bite as you progress. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so always wear proper equipment when walking with bees.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bee Kit

  1. Temperature

I’m personally a big fan of quality bee keeping suits as I live in the South and it’s hot or crowded to go with your bees. Therefore, it is important to keep as cool as possible while keeping bees. For this reason, you may want to consider purchasing a good quality suit or a lightweight suit.

  1. Color

Bees don’t like dark colors. Therefore, when shopping for a bee kit, you should stick to white or light colors that won’t irritate them.

  1. Character

While I told you to look for a lightweight bee suit, you still need a good quality one so you don’t feel bitten and/or bitten.

Sure, you’re going through the hive. You will be bitten. It’s just a matter of time, but if you have a high-quality suit, you don’t feel too much.

  1. Cover

You need a cloth suit. You don’t have to buy both a suit and a scarf, but I prefer a veil built into my suit so I don’t have to worry about the slippery fabric and my face being seen by bees.

So, I am a fan of the surrounding veil as it keeps the bees away from my face. Many bees come with broken veils or fences. If you wear one, I recommend putting a ball cap under the curtain to keep it away from your face.

  1. Security

You need a suit with good quality zippers and outstretched arms, heels and waist. This keeps your suit as it should be so that there are no uninvited bees flying inside your suit.

Best Beekeeping Kits – Review

  1. Golden Bee Polyester Cotton Keeping Bee Suit

If your suit needs to add fresh air, you will need a golden bee Poly Cotton Bee Keeping Suit. Polyester is durable and cotton breathable. Its elastic waist, wrists and heels give you a fit. On top of that, this bee set comes with a removable circular cover to protect your face when working with bees.

  1. Oz Armor Keeping Bee Suit

Oz Armor Beekeeping for dummies clothing provides excellent protection against bee stings and is suitable for beekeeping. It is made of air fabric with elastic velcro elastic on the legs and arms. High leg zipper for easy on and off. This beekeeping suit features a round brim hat with a veil on the front and comes in a variety of sizes from x-small to 8X-large.

  1. Professional Cotton covered Body Suit

A special set of VIVO Professional Cotton Full Body Keeping bees will be ideal for many wealthy beekeepers. It features elastic wrists and an open heel to keep the suit secure while your hives work. Therefore, the suit also has a self-propelled drape veil. Also recommended for those under 5’9″.

  1. VIVO Professional Jacket Beekeeping Suit

This VIVO Professional Jacket Beekeeping is suitable for new beekeepers. If you don’t want to wear a long suit, then you might want to consider just getting a jacket and pairing it with baggy pants. It’s a personal decision, but one that some new beekeepers make.

Therefore, this beekeeping jacket is hand-washed and has a large front pocket that is big enough to hold the necessary equipment. It also has elastic cuffs on the arms and waist. The jacket is also light when worn to protect it.

  1. MANN LAKE Economical Beekeeper Kit

This expensive beekeeping kit from Lake Mann is of high quality. It has one on the eyes, making it quicker and easier to put on and take off your suit. The set also has a touch handle to keep your hands from lifting.

On top of that, the suit has a self-supporting folding curtain and a bi-folding back for extra protection. It also has elastics on the arms and legs, as well as heavy duty zippers to keep the suit secure.

  1. Beekeeping clothing

This natural beekeeping kit is protective and functional. If you’re looking for elastic in all openings to keep bees away, you might like this outfit. However, the suit also comes in a variety of pastel colors. That’s okay because bees don’t like really dark colors. So you can still feel stylish while working in your bees.

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