Cutting Leaf Shapes out of Paper

Make this colourful wall art using craft paper.

Cut as many lance-shaped or basic leaf-shaped paper pieces as possible. Use a variety of sizes to avoid making the painting seem monotonous.

Setting the Scene

Work with art paper to create a base for your design. The backdrop may be whatever size you like. Using a ruler and a pencil, draw a thin border on the backdrop. If you want to be able to remove the border afterwards, use pencil.

It’s a wonder!

Glue the lance-shaped or basic leaf-shaped paper cutting to the backdrop. You may sketch out your artwork’s design before you begin, but I like to let my imagination run wild. I began out on a whim and didn’t stop. It all worked out well in the end! Stick a couple extra little paper pieces to the corners of your design once you’ve completed the main design (if you want). In order to give the wall art a more vibrant appearance, I layered little pieces of paper on top of the larger ones.

The 3rd Piece of Wall Art

It’s a lot of fun to begin producing works of art with no specific plan in mind. Easy compared to the stretched triangle art before.


Your artwork may be framed by local printing shops, retailers, or you can even frame it yourself. I didn’t have time to frame them myself this time, so I had to have them framed at a nearby printing business.

If you have a laminating machine, you may laminate the artwork from any store (local stores, printing companies) or buy it pre-laminated. A hardboard of equal dimensions should be used as the base for the laminated artwork. The hardboard may be sliced using a utility knife.
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Attach a hanging mechanism once the art and hardboard have been glued together.

Make sure the paper you use is of the highest quality. Copy paper is very difficult to cut and rapidly dulls your blade. For most of my work, I use 160gsm hammered paper, however various individuals like different weights.

Turning the paper as you cut makes it simpler to cut circles. Make sure you’re cutting comfortably by rotating it often. The most challenging part of a design should always be cut first. You won’t have to redo the whole cut if you make a mistake.
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When cutting, resist the temptation to eliminate excess paper, as it will provide more rigidity to the paper when you’re in the middle of it. The blade should be changed often. As soon as you begin to notice it dragging on the page, it’s time to switch it out. By doing this, you’ll be able to get more precise cuts and avoid pressing down too hard.

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