How Fashion Has Changed in 50 Years

Fashion evolution truly an amusing topic because fashion is one of the most striking examples of how the past affects the present. Women’s fashion has undergone many transformations in the last 50 years, and this is a period that we will explore in this article.
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Together with
eNibbana fashion observers, we have gathered the most memorable moments from the past decades of women’s fashion.

The 1970s: Decade of Freedom and Eclecticism

We will start from the far gone 70s when lush hairstyles and bright colors were in vogue. During this period, the female part of society made history and fought for its freedom, and this could not but affect fashion.
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Many beautiful women have taken inspiration from extremely popular Hollywood movies and music. The elegant and free spirit of Hollywood gave us suite-style dresses, jumpsuits with wide-leg pants, and risky miniskirts.

The 1980s: Shoulder Pads Make Everything Better 

The 1980s are known for their strong influence of popular music videos on the women’s fashion industry. Some of the brightest pieces of clothing at the time were denim jackets, leather trousers and overalls, parachute pants, and blazers with big shoulder pads. Then came the elegant and flashy style, which was a mixture of fitted and relaxed elements with spectacular massive accessories. This period is also famous for popularizing sports costumes for everyday wardrobes.

The 1990s: A New Era in the Fashion World

Grunge and military styles, casual and sport-chic appeared in their full glory at this time. Layering in clothes, deliberate tawdry, and a mixture of styles were a challenge for the fashion industry. Other features, such as patent leather and nylon clothing, symbolized a futuristic take on what people thought the year 2000 and the new millennium would bring. One of the most famous statements of women’s fashion of that time was the little black dress of the French house of Chanel, which became a very expressive and bright trend of the 90s.

The 2000s: Future Obsession

It is a time of inspiration in technological progress and a strong obsession with the future. This decade gave women the famous low-rise jeans, hip-hop accessories, latex everything, and pointed heels. The Internet was actively taking over the world and was a major source of inspiration for new fashion trends. Popular TV shows also had a huge influence on the many women’s vision in the fashion of that time.

The 2010s: Grunge and Hipsters

At this time, trends from the past, such as the 1990s and 1980s, began to return. Grunge looks became very big in fashion, along with dresses with deep cuts and open shoulders, shortened tops, and many other combinations of elegant and vintage. The hippie culture has also been transformed into a geek-chic with cardigans, round glasses, and T-shirts with prints. 

Fashion Now

Today, fashion has become more accessible than ever. Unlike many women before us, we are free to wear whatever we want. Many trends are recycled and revived from past decades to this day, but it doesn’t get us to narrow limits anymore. Pretty cool, right?

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