How To Choose Swimming Goggles For Marathons, Triathlons, And Crossings

In this category, we repeat the characteristics of the training models; however, in swimming goggles for open water, such as for Marathons, Triathlons, and Crossings, we can highlight the peripheral vision, which allows the practitioner to see what happens around him.

In the case of open water, it is necessary to know where the buoys are, support points, and depending on the model, there is also the use of a polarized lens, which allows the athlete to have a clear and perfect vision against the reflected sunlight.

What Are Diving Masks?

The Diving Mask category is not characterized as swimming goggles since, in addition to covering the eyes, it also covers the nose. It is a large and spacious accessory, which is not suitable for swimming and high speeds. In this case, we recommend its use only for diving or recreation.
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Tips For Choosing The Best Model Of Swimming Goggles

Now that you know everything about the components and types of swimming goggles, let’s check out some tips for choosing the best model:

In The Physical Store

Knowing your swimmer profile (beginner, amateur, professional, or looking for leisure), try to test the swimming goggles without the strap around the head. Just put the suction cup in contact with your face.

To choose a swimming goggles model that does not enter the water during your exercise, be careful when testing it: look for one that gives a certain pressure (suction). It doesn’t need to be stuck in the face for a long time, just a few seconds. Don’t buy swimming goggles for the price.
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As we explained, each type of glasses has technologies, lens colors, and details that can make the value more expensive but allow you to swim with more peace of mind and comfort.

Children’s Swimming Goggles: How To Choose?

To choose a model of children’s swimming goggles, you must follow the same tips above, with an observation: be aware! Children over seven already wear adult swimming goggles. The models of several existing brands are small, and the straps are short for a child in this age group.

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