How to Clean and Care for a Weighted Blanket? Do’s and Don’ts

Weighted blankets are different from the ordinary blankets that we use to tackle cold. They are specially designed for comfort and relief. These blankets work best for people going through therapies of any sort and for people suffering from anxiety or similar cases.

Why Weighted Blankets are Heavy, and How Do They Work?

Weighted blankets usually weigh from about 2kgs to 12kgs. Manufacturers filled the blanket with plastic pieces or beads that lifted their weight.

The working process of these blankets is quite simple. The purpose of weighted blankets is to simulate a physical being. They mimic the hugging experience, therefore, helping in tacking anxiety and stress. They are super beneficial for people that have Alzheimer’s disease as they are the ones who suffer from a lot of mental pressure along with those that have depression. Apart from them, people who face sleep deprivation or struggle to sleep can use these blankets.

Maintenance of Weighted Blankets

Many people question how do you care for a weighted blanket if it’s different from the normal. The simplest and most obvious way to clean weighted blankets is just to wash them like any other blanket. However, the application has specific differences as there are different materials in the weighted blankets that can cause problems when washing in a machine like a standard comforter. The average duration of washing your blanket is at least once in 2 months.

Weighted blankets have different materials, so the washing process is slightly different depending on the material used to add weight. For example, if plastic components are in the blanket, it should wash with cooler water as the hot water can melt the beads inside. Some have weighted blanket covers already installed in them, due to which the procedure becomes really simple. You just have to remove the blanket cover and wish it simply and put it back on after it has dried.

Do’s and Don’ts While Weighted Blanket Cleaning


  • Try to wash your blanket in normal temperature water. If the water is too hot or cold, it can cause issues to the blanket in some cases. Also, when drying, try to dry at a normal temperature that isn’t too hot.
  • Use detergents or washers whose consistency is mild. And if you use the blanket daily or very often, the best practice is to wash it at least once every month.


  • Softeners and other such things should strictly be avoided as they can damage the blanket and leave spots.
  • Try not to fill your washing machine full. If your blanket is larger in size and doesn’t fit in the machine, don’t cram it in; instead, try to wash it by hand. After washing, don’t dry it by hanging it as it can make the fabrics lose; hence the comfort will be compromised. So then, how to dry a weighted blanket? You can simply lay it down somewhere and let it dry, or you can use a dryer but don’t use it at a higher heat level.
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