How to Pull Off Pearl Makeup Like a Pro

Pearls have taken over the makeup world like a storm. The makeup trend that involves applying pearls to the skin has found its way to the streets. The much-loved beads are easy to use, and you can incorporate them into any makeup routine. Instagram is full of images of pearls in everything from eye makeup to nails.

pearls makeup look tutorial can help convert anyone to the beauty trend. If you are new to pearl makeup, you can learn how to pull off the trend like a pro.

Making a Statement

Pearls are readily available, and they are a great way to transform a simple look into something dramatic and elegant. You need to prep the skin before you apply the pearls. Applying a good matte foundation or a light skin tint will allow the pearls to stick better and stay longer on the face.

You can use same size pearls or pearls of various sizes to achieve your look. Whether you prefer a minimalist or maximalist look, you can use pearls to make a statement.

Simple and Elegant

The pearl makeup look is simple yet elegant and is easy to achieve. Pearls can work perfectly for bold or minimal makeup looks. You need flat-backed pearls, lash glue, and a tool like tweezers to apply the pearls.

If you do not have an application tool, you can use your fingers. The glue will dry quickly, so you will not need extra adhesive or setting spray. You can create an edgy and exotic look that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Adorn Your Fingers

Pearl makeup is not confined to the eyes or face. The beads can be used on any part of the body, including the hands and the decolletage. You can use pearls to adorn your fingers or nails. For the minimalist, sticking a pearl under the nails can make a simple statement.

If you are a pearl junkie, the hands are your canvas, and you can stack the beads all over them. You can use pearls to complement your dazzling manicure.

Face and Hair Pearls

Your pearl makeup can go from the face to the hair. After applying gel on the hairline using a tint brush, use tweezers to apply pearls on the hairtail ends. Placing the pearls with precision will help create a sophisticated look. Most professionals use precision tools to apply the pearls to the skin with great results.

A Pearly Kiss

This look may not be for the faint-hearted, but it is a great way to make a bold statement. The pearls-on-the lip is a look that has graced the runways, and it is making its way into the streets. You can choose to line the lips or place one pearl above and another below the lip.

You can pair the look with a bold lipstick or a simple lip balm. If you choose to go bold with a pearly kiss, you should wear natural makeup or a muted face. It will focus all the attention on the lip.


If you need inspiration for your pearl makeup look, you can find beautiful photos on the internet. You can pull off the look like a pro.


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