Piercing Gun vs Needle: What Should You Choose?

The piercing gun has been in use for body piercing in stores and shopping malls for years, but today, professional body piercers want to see it banned.
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The prime reason behind the want is sterilization. Sterilization is the first consideration piercing is considered. Piercing guns are generally made of plastic and an autoclave cannot be used for sterilizing them. It may be true that a technician wipes the gun in between uses using antiseptic or alcohol, but we cannot be very sure of the sterility! It is very less probable that piercers at the mall are adequately trained in controlling infection and blood-borne pathogens. If you are considering getting an ear piercing with a gun, take note of this: using sterile pads to wipe the gun between uses is not enough to prevent infection.

Why Are Piercing Guns Highly Condemned?

1. Sterilization Risk

These piercing stores claim to sterilize the piercing guns. However, it is impossible owing to the plastic body of the guns, which makes them inappropriate for sterilization in an autoclave. The staffs simply switch the pins used for piercing and wipe the gun with alcohol or antiseptics in between uses but it is not sterile enough to prevent blood-borne pathogens.

2. Cross Contamination

The piercing gun is never directly in contact with the skin of the customer, though the hands of the piercers’ may, and if they touch the piercing gun after touching the customer’s skin, the gun now gets contaminated.

3. Risk Of Infection

Tissue trauma is also a problem associated with piercing guns. A blunt stud is pushed through the skin, which tears away the skin to accommodate the jewelry.  It then holds the jewelry firmly onto the skin, preventing the fresh wound from breathing and healing properly. You, as a customer, would be advised to rotate the jewelry sometimes, which only leads to more bacterial growth, thereby causing serious infection, as per the Association of Professional Piercers(APP).

4.The Results Are Not That Great

Earrings are technically sharp and tapered in appearance, but they are not as sharp as the needles used by a professional piercer. The difference is that a firearm forces the earrings into the earlobe, while a professional piercer may be more deliberate in creating the puncture, so the degree of injury to surrounding tissue is different. Another point to remember in piercing gun vs. needle is that piercings with a gun are limited while with a needle it’s not. Cartilage does not respond well when it is pierced with a gun, although some stores do pierce outer cartilage anyway. If you have thicker ears, your lobes may not fit in the device, a possible problem when you’re getting pierced with a needle. The majority of the problems that happen in the earlobes are because of the quality of jewelry sold in malls.

To Wrap Up

The piercing needle itself is safer and comparatively less painful than forcing a stud with a blunt back into the skin using a gun. A piercing needle is hollow from the center and very sharp. It cuts into the skin, safely moving the tissues on the side to make a clean hole for the jewelry. It may sound painful, but it is a very easy process and almost painless for most of the body parts.
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Captive Beads Rings and Barbells are specially crafted to help remove bacteria and dirt while the wound heals. The ease of cleaning it is made even easier by allowing the jewelry to move freely, without back-firing and leading to bacterial growth in the piercing. Metals in this jewelry are also kinder to your skin and unlikely to cause allergic reactions.

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