Proper preparation when ordering custom tshirt printing

Ordering t shirt printing Singapore or elsewhere is probably a bit more involved than you might think if you want to get the best results possible. With the right preparation and some research, you can best choose a printer that meets your needs to get your order in time. To get results that meet or even exceed your expectations you need to think about things like the type of shirt, what design, the type of printing methods and using the right format.

Choosing the right shirt

Of course one of the main things to think about is the type of t-shirt you want to use for your printing. That will in part come down to who the shirts are for and what role they have to play. Are you choosing an average t-shirt or something more fitted? Are you choosing short sleeves or long sleeves? Are you choosing with a collar or without? Do you want a pocket on the chest or not? What kind of neckline do you want them to have? Having these things already considered is a good way to get things moving quicker when you go to the printers for tshirt printing Singapore.

What printing option do you prefer?

Another thing to learn about and decide is what printing method you want for your custom t-shirts like rash guards custom are originally designed to protect surfers’ bodies from the board. The two more common or popular printing methods used right now are screen printing, a more traditional method, and digital printing, the most modern technique developed.

Digital printing is great when you need very detailed images with lots of colours and you have different shades and tones that need to be clear and defined. It is a machine similar to a paper printer you might have at home or in the office but it takes shirts instead of paper and is larger. It is the better choice for smaller orders. It works better on light or white shirts though developments are happening to change that.

Screen printing is popular with t shirt printing Singapore when more shirts are needed and there are fewer colours and details in the image or design. The setup of the process is more intensive and takes longer for each colour needed. Screen printing is more affordable when you bulk order. It works better on dark-coloured shirts.

Designing the best logo/image

Finally, you need to spend some time thinking about the image or design. It needs to be in the right format. You can ask the printer what formats they prefer. Often Vector is one of the most preferred artworks for screen printing and Raster images for digital printing. When you want tshirt printing Singapore you need to keep things more simple and clean with screen printing, but can allow it to be more detailed with digital. You cannot just choose in image from online and that is that. You could hire a designer to come up with something, this is a good plan if it is to create a business logo. You could also ask the printer. They might have images you can choose from, or have a designer you can work with.

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