Summer Lingerie Trends Every Woman Should Know

Looking to add something new to your lingerie wardrobe this summer? The latest trends in lingerie are finally hitting the market, and there are a few standouts that you should be aware of. Keep reading to learn what some of the hottest trends are in bedroom wear this year. The best part? These trends work for any body type and are sure to make you feel your absolute best.

Classic Silhouettes

As you likely know, fashion moves in cycles and lingerie is no exception to that. Even as high-waisted jeans and crop tops are making a comeback for everyday clothing, some classic silhouettes are returning to fashion when it comes to lingerie. Specifically, look for high-waisted lingerie bottoms to be a part of 2-piece sets this year. A high-waisted pair of panties with a garter belt creates a distinct 1950s-inspired silhouette that’s really trending this year.

You might also look for the resurgence of a more recent decade’s lingerie fashions: a high-leg thong a la the 1980s. These bottoms maintain the string-bikini straps of a classic thong but reach up over the hips to take advantage of that high-waisted trend while showing off even more skin.

Prioritizing Comfort

Women want versatility from their lingerie just as much as they want it from their other clothing. A dress that can be styled from day to night is awfully appealing, isn’t it? Well, so is a lingerie set comfortable enough to be worn under your clothes but sexy enough that you want to show it off in the bedroom. You might not want to take it off at all—but your partner will likely disagree with you on that! Be on the lookout for incredibly soft and comfortable lingerie this year.

Fun and Vibrant Colors

The typical lingerie colors have remained unchanged for decades: black and red if you’re feeling particularly seductive, or pink and white for a sweeter, flirtier look. But this summer, lingerie trends are finally shaking things up in the color department. Add some new hues to your wardrobe with lemony yellows, vibrant purples, and stunning shades of turquoise. These vibrant colors give your lingerie pieces an almost tropical vibe, which is perfect for summertime.

You’ll find these colors on everything from bra sets and corsets to teddies and bodysuits, so step out of that color comfort zone and find a piece you love in a fresh, bright, and new color. No matter your body type, these lingerie trends will fit, flatter, and empower you to be your sexiest self!


Bedroom fashions are just as prone to trends as any other type of clothing. Read this article to learn some of the hottest trends for lingerie this summer.

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