Taking My Wedding to the Next Level

Renting Out a Yacht for the Wedding and Afterparty

My soon-to-be husband and I have big plans for our special day. We deserve the best, and so do our friends and family, so we’re having the wedding on a luxurious yacht! There will be so much open space and a beautiful view, and during the afterparty, everyone will be able to keep satisfied with a slew of delicious drinks and a banquet of high-class food. Of course, there will also be a whole lot of exciting things to do, like a dance contest on the upper deck!

The mood and energy are going to be perfect—I wouldn’t want any other way to tie the knot!

Hiring Skywriting Services for a Special Message

Me being me, I’ve decided that reading my vows won’t be enough to convey my true feelings for my man, so I’ve secretly hired a skywriting service to leave a sweet message in the air when we kiss. I’ve also looked into a professional photographer to capture the whole event. I can’t wait to see how the message looks! Other than that, I’ve also decided to use a wedding hashtag generator to come up with fun and quirky wedding hashtags for our big day.

If the skywriting weren’t enough, I also went ahead and put some money into a fireworks display—big, red, heart-shaped fireworks, to be specific!

Looking Younger for the Cameras

The photographer is going to use the best equipment on the market, which means for me and my husband, that every blemish and wrinkle included, will be visible. To keep ourselves looking young and refreshed, we’ve both decided to get a facelift!

Pictures are some of the most important parts of any wedding day, especially because, in the future, they will become keepsakes. Neither of us wants to remember looking as though we are in our 40s, so what better way to look fantastic than to get a little work done? There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable at our wedding, and when all is said and done, we’ll be a lot happier and far more confident in our skin. Besides, we’ll have plenty of time to recover before the big day!

Fancy Live Music

Just about every wedding I’ve been to has had a DJ. Not ours, though!

Live music is almost always better than pre-recorded, specifically because it captures the essence of the moment and the convivial environment. So, we’ve hired a live jazz band to lighten the mood and keep everyone feeling the groove.

We can’t wait to walk down the aisle to the sound of real instruments; it’ll feel like we’re in a movie!

If adding live music isn’t taking things to the next level, then I’m not sure what is. After hearing the tunes during rehearsal, I can rest assured that the whole experience is going to be otherworldly—I’m beyond ecstatic to have hired the best!

Intricate Floral Decorations

My husband and I are absolutely in love with flowers! There are so many gorgeous types to choose from, but I want to make sure that roses are the most important; they’re my favorite kind, and come in all sorts of beautiful colors. I want to have a beautiful, well-arranged centerpiece made of roses, a gorgeous, luxurious design that dazzles the eyes—a giant floral wreath over the dining area could work. Each table will also be intricately decorated with roses and a number of other breathtaking floral decorations.

There is definitely strength in numbers, and I want the whole venue to be filled with the scent of fresh roses! How splendid and elegant it will all be.

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