The Best Gifts for an Eco Lover

If you are buying a gift for someone you care about, it can be difficult to hit on something that they will really love. But if the person you are buying for is passionate about saving the planet, there is plenty of choice when it comes to sustainable yet useful items. Below are just a few ideas.

Recycled Vase

A beautiful vase makes for a stunning gift and is the perfect excuse for displaying a bouquet of flowers. If you want to buy a vase for your eco-loving friend or family member, then choosing one made from recycled glass is a good idea. You could even go a bit further and fill the vase with the recipient’s favorite flowers for a more personalized gift.

Bamboo Bathrobe

Bathrobes made from sustainable organic bamboo are sure to be well received. Created to look and feel ultra-soft and plush, this is ideal for someone who loves to lounge at home with a warm drink and a good book while doing their bit for the environment.

Bee-Inspired Jewelry

Companies such as Project Honey Bees are working hard with bee conservationists to ensure the survival of bee populations around the world. They do this by selling beautiful handmade bee pins and other jewelry items, donating money from every sale. If you are buying for someone who loves jewelry, these fashionable pieces are ideal.

Socks, Gloves, or Scarves

In some states, the arrival of winter means it is time to fish out the woolly socks, gloves, and scarves. You could buy a whole new set for your loved one, made from recycled wool. Available in assorted styles and designs, these 100% recycled wool items are soft to the touch and are a top choice for eco-loving friends and family members.

Reusable Metal Straws

If you are looking for a quirky ‘add-on’ gift for a birthday or a stocking filler for Christmas, why not buy a collapsible reusable metal straw that comes in with its own case. Perfect for those who don’t want to use plastic straws but who do not like the feel of paper straws. This can be easily stored in a purse or pocket for quick convenient access on the go. There are also collapsible cleaning brushes as well.

Recycled Notebooks

A notebook with a beautifully decorated cover makes for a lovely gift for a friend, but when it is made from recycled paper it will be appreciated even more by someone who is devoted to doing all they can to save the planet.

Thermal Coffee Mug

With the move away from plastic and single-use products, many coffee companies are offering discounts to customers who bring their own mug. There are so many choices when it comes to reusable coffee mugs. You can even get them personalized with a message or the recipient’s name, and they make a fabulous gift for people of all ages.

Why Buy Eco-Friendly Products?

We live in a world where our habits are having a negative impact on the environment. From pollution to burning fossil fuels and overpopulation, the things we do are contributing to the decline of plants and animals. Unless we do something about it, the Earth will become a less habitable place in the future.

Experts are predicting a world with higher temperatures and far less water. Many animals and insects could become extinct. Moreover, without the important pollinators, there is likely to be a global food shortage, leading to famine for millions.

Every little bit each of us can do will help to save the planet. This includes looking for eco-friendly gifts for the people we love.

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