The Mixie Haircut Is Trending: Here’s How to Get the Look

Bold hairstyles are in. Gone are the days of everyone rocking the same simple side bangs and long layers (though those are still great looks, too). But, it seems these days, people are looking for haircuts that stand out from the rest — and are inspired by previous eras. The wolf cut is inspired by the mullets of the ’80s. The classic Rachel cut of the ’90s is making a return. And now, the mixie cut is a modern version of a popular ’70s ’do that’s taking the internet by storm.

If you’re wondering whether this hairstyle might be right for you, read more about the mixie and how to use professional hair care products to achieve the style and keep it looking fly every single day. 

What Is the Mixie Haircut?

As the name might suggest, the mixie cut is a twist on the classic pixie cut. Much like the pixie, the mixie is a very short, close-to-the-head hairstyle — but, it’s got a twist. It incorporates that long-in-the-back mullet look that seems to be coming back everywhere in many variations. Think Miley Cyrus’ mullet cut combined with her earlier pixie cut, and you’ve got the mixie. 

Now, the mixie can be a bold cut if you’re not the person who typically rocks a super short cut. But, if you’re looking for something striking, this is the new style for you. And, if you prefer a shorter cut, this is a great way to switch up your look. 

How to Get the Mixie Haircut

This is a hairstyle that definitely calls for a professional’s expertise. The cut features a short pixie look in the front and a longer mullet look in the back. Most often, the mixie incorporates short choppy bangs in the front, which is important to keep in mind before getting this haircut, as bangs need some love and attention when it comes to styling. 

Communicate with your stylist on specifically what you’d like to see in this cut. Because it is an edgier, more complicated cut, you will want to seek out a stylist who is familiar with doing edgier styles. Because the cut is super short, there’s very little room for error, so you want to make sure every element is in place.

Though a pixie is always short, there are different lengths you can try. You may want to incorporate blunt bangs instead of choppy, but the main features of the cut are short sides and front and pieces in the back that fall down the neck. Professional hair care products are essential to keeping the style in place.

Styling the Mixie Cut

Though styling this cut is simple because there’s less hair to deal with, it does take a certain finesse to get it right. But, much of this styling simply comes with trial and error. Find products like texture hair products that you like and work well with your hair type. Apply after washing your hair and tousle your locks around to get a sense of how you like the look styled. Because it’s so short, it often looks better when it air dries, which means minimal heat damage to your hair as well. It also requires more frequent trims as it can start to grow quickly, so it’s a great way to keep hair healthy.

3 Reasons to Try the Mixie Look

  • It’s a Vibe

The mixie cut is more than just a haircut. It gives off a certain essence and vibe that speaks to a larger style. If you’re gonna rock the mixie, you probably have the attitude and fashion sense to back it up. This makes it a really unique cut because, unlike more similar hairstyles, it carries that vibe throughout your entire look, opening new outfit choices and makeup styles. If you’re looking for a bold cut that speaks to you, the mixie might just be the perfect ’do.

  • It’s Easy to Style

Styling your hair every day can be tedious and time-consuming. If you like to keep your cut low maintenance, the mixie cut is a great option. It does require styling, but, as we mentioned, not much. It’s really about finding the texture that you like and sticking with it. Styling this look is as simple as using texture hair products and volumizing gel.

  • It Stands Out

This is a haircut that definitely turns heads. It’s a daring look that goes with so many different styles and matches many occasions. It can look more dressy for an elegant affair or the perfect casual style to pair with an oversized band tee. However you choose to wear it, people are going to notice. If you’re looking to make a big change to your hair, this is the look to go for.

Get Ready for Your New Mixie Haircut

Keeping up with hair trends can seem like a full-time job sometimes. So many new styles and techniques appear on TikTok on the daily, but finding a cut that really speaks to you can be tough. With a look like this, you’re sure to feel confident, sexy, and bold — just like the cut itself. Invest in some professional hair care products to give your locks the best styling job you can and you’ll be setting the newest trends before you know it.

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