Why the bomber jacket is the perfect choice this Autumn.

What Is A Bomber Jacket?

Traditionally, a bomber jacket is a waist-length outerwear garment that has a ribbed and gathered waistband. They typically feature a zip at the front and normally have four pockets for maximum function at the top and sides. Bomber jackets were also known as flight jackets, getting their namesake due to originally being designed to be a heavy-duty piece for fighter pilots in exposed cockpits in the First World War. The garment can be made from a variety of materials, including nylon, leather, cotton or silk and can come in a wide range of colours depending on your style. The Ma1 bomber jacket is a perfect classic for autumn as it’s light, durable and versatile.

History Of The Bomber Jacket

As we stated previously, the bomber jacket was originally known as the flight jacket. After their success at keeping fighter pilots warm in World World War I, the design developed into a more similar silhouette to the one we know today. The A-1 bomber jacket laid the groundwork for the modern bomber jacket, the A-1 style was then replaced by the Ma1 bomber jacket, which changed the standard for outwear forever. This jacket is credited to be what bridged the gap between military wear and standard fashion, which would later shape parts of the fashion industry. Further on, bomber jackets were then adopted by the Mod movement in the 1960s. Mods were known for their distinct look and functional fashion. Bomber jackets kept mods warm whilst providing cover to protect their outfits, should they get dirty in any fights.

Why Is The Bomber Jacket Is Perfect For Autumn


The bomber jacket is famously versatile as it comes in such a range of materials and colours. Aside from having a wide choice of bomber jackets, they’re also able to be dressed up or down depending on what you’re using them for. When paired with jeans or casual trousers and boots, you have the classic mod look. Casual, yet stylish and easy to accessorise. However, if paired with suit trousers and a shirt, it provides the perfect smart but not too showy look for any occasion.


Autumn is the time to be layering your clothes! The weather in autumn can be unpredictable, it can seem chilly in the morning and then turn into a lovely sunny day. This can lead to being caught out in an inappropriate outfit, especially if you live in a country where the weather can turn from sunny to rainy in less than five minutes. Bomber jackets are lightweight but when zipped up are excellent protection from the elements. They also are loose fitting, allowing jumpers to be worn underneath, and taken off if it gets too warm, perfect for autumn!

Popular In Culture

Aside from being versatile and perfect for autumn layering, bomber jackets are also popular in culture due to them being a fashionable item. They’ve had many resurgences over the years, some being more prominent than others. However, with high-profile models and celebrities sporting bomber jackets in some form, it’s clear to us that they’re back with vengeance.

If you’re looking to have a versatile, stylish and popular jacket this autumn, the bomber jacket is for you! We love its famous shape and its deeply rooted history, this only enriches the clothing item further. It’s official, we’ll be buying bomber jackets in several different colours this autumn, and we suggest you do too!

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