3 Instant Tricks to Effortlessly Manage Hair Extensions With Short Hair

Whether it was Katherine Langford as inspiration for longer hair or just wild musings, you know that it can’t happen overnight. But fret not. That’s why hair extensions are there at your service.

With the right shade of hair extensions in Australia, you can add a chemical-free fullness and dazzling look within minutes. Now, the real question is how you will ensure that the long extensions remain hidden under your short hair while amplifying your appearance.

Don’t know that yet? Here’s how!

Before You Begin

  • Ensure that your natural hair is at least 3-4 inches longer than the chosen extensions to keep the clips hidden underneath
  • Get the matching hair extension picked out by your personal stylist to ensure perfect blending.
  • Try trimming out the ends of the hair extensions to get a more natural overall appearance.
  • Opt for a hair extension pack that comes with a minimum of seven clip-ins to get adequate density and fuller fill

Trick 1: Thin Out the Ends of Your Natural Hair or at Least Give It a Temporary Appearance

Your premium quality hair extension can look only as good as its placement on your head. The right way to ensure a fabulous look is by blending in your hair extensions to be event-ready in Australia.

  • Start by sectioning your hair in a manner that 2/3rd of your hair is tied on top of your head.
  • Now, hold the remaining 1/3rd hair that you want under the hair extension and clip them together.
  • Ensure that the lowest layer of hair is tied, braided or set in a bun to place the extensions properly.
  • Let your remaining hair down and put your extensions right where you want to.

Voila! With this pattern of extension placement, no one can even tell between your natural hair and the extensions!

Note: Keep in mind to style the hair extensions before the placement to create the least tension between natural roots and clip-ins.

Trick 2: Ensure a Seamless Connection Between Your Natural Hair and Extensions

In the humid weather of Australia, it’s challenging to maintain the hair the way you set them. Now, if you’re wearing hair extensions, you might face a situation when the hair starts piling on top, creating a messy puffball mullet. This is the disaster that every extension user has nightmares about.

But don’t worry. You can steer clear of the mullet mishap by leaving less hair on top of your extension. Doing this will prevent moisture from penetrating through the natural hair.

Trick 3: Position Your Wefts Correctly

The right placement of wefts ensures the kind f volume you get in the final look. Ensure that you have positioned 3-4 wefts at the bottom of your head, with the bigger one ending in line with your ears.

You can use the smaller clip-ins to create fullness around the temple area. But, keep in mind to cover them with the top natural hair layer to provide a transformed look.

Using extensions to give a luxurious, fuller look is on the bucket of every person with short hair. However, if not installed properly, the short frizzy hair and humid weather can ruin the entire look with hair extensions in Australia.

But, you don’t need to worry. Now you’re ready to dazzle every event you walk in with your shiny and stylish hair tresses!

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