5 things you need to know before playing slots

Did you know that over 97% of gamblers lose money in slots? The reason for this is simple. Slots are designed to ensure the house has an edge. You can’t beat the casino, so don’t even try!
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As a new gambler, here are five things you need to know before playing N1 casino slots:

Slots aren’t like other games

The main difference between slots and traditional table games is that there’s no skill involved with slots. You basically just put your money in and hit spin. This lack of player control makes it impossible to win.

Slot machines have one purpose

The sole purpose of slots is to remove as much money from your wallet as possible through random number generation (RNG). That’s it. Slot machines are programmed to offer the house a significant edge over gamblers . Slot machines allow players to play just like they would at a casino or another online gambling site, but contrary to popular belief, these games don’t give you an advantage.

Slots are designed for continuous play

Slot machine designers understand that most people can’t afford to lose their life savings in one sitting so they’ve developed strategies to ensure you’ll continue throwing your money away for as long as possible. These techniques include features such as “play all lines” buttons and low-risk/high-reward symbol combinations. Slot machines are designed with psychological levers that prompt extended periods of play – even if it’s clear you’re losing!
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The only thing worse than playing slots is selling slots

Progressive slot machines are the worst! These games multiply your bet size based on how many people are betting. The most common progressive game is also one of the worst – it starts by taking your $1 bet and tripling it, then doubles it for every additional player at the same machine. This means that your initial investment of $1 can lead to hundreds or even thousand (or more) in losses when other players join the game. Talk about heart attack machines!

Never play when you’re angry or sad

While some gamblers swear they win more often when they play while under the influence, there’s no truth to this claim. If anything, drinking will lead to bigger losses since you’ll be less likely to quit while you’re ahead.

What it all means

If you want to play slots, then by all means do so – just don’t expect any real returns on your investment! Just imagine how much money casinos would lose if they let people win…

Anyway, good luck and happy gambling!

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