6 Ways to Pull Off Dress Shirts for Men

In the past, men’s clothing was focused highly on suits and ties. But as this wardrobe became more and more mainstream, it also brought a more repetitive trend in men’s fashion that gave rise to the need for modifications. Fortunately, dress shirts came to the rescue and made men’s fashion a lot more stylish with a touch of smart-casual while also putting emphasis on the unique ways they can be worn.

Today, dress shirts have become the go-to outfit for men when t-shirts seem too casual while a tie and coat seem too formal. Dress shirts songsindia somehow blend perfectly well between the too-professional and too-casual look, giving you something comfortable yet fashionable to look forward to when you’re looking for an outfit to match your personality.

But there’s a catch: you can pull off your dress shirts only as long as you’ve got the right fit i.e. you can either go for a regular fit if you want your shirt to have some room. This fit is a little baggy and loose side of outfits. Or, you could go for a slim fit if you’re not comfortable with the regular fit. And the third choice you have is an athletic fit. This fit resonates more with people who have an athletic and muscular build, and it’s meant to be worn in a way that shows off your physique comfortably.

Once you’ve got the preferred fit for your dress shirts, go ahead and match them properly for a complete outfit that looks and feels good.

Guide to Pull-Off Dress Shirts

Untuck the Shirt

Your dress shirts, or any shirt for that matter, being untucked was something frowned upon by the regular people as well as fashion enthusiasts alike, but now, an untucked dress shirt is considered to be a sign of confidence and subtle sophistication.

So while you might feel comfortable onlinebahisforum tucking in your shirt while wearing your formal suits, try to untuck them when going for a smart-casual look, especially when you’re wearing the shirt with jeans or shorts.

This will make for a perfect look when you’re going out with your friends, meeting up with colleagues, or just spending the day running errands.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Summers ask for cooler, dressed-down versions of all your outfits so that you’re comfortable no matter how warm the weather gets. Try to roll up the sleeves of your dress shirt for this lighter, cooler feeling that also adds further to your style and provides a great look no matter the occasion.

Match the Right Bottoms

The most versatile part of dress shirts, including how you can style and wear them in different ways, lies in their ability to be matched with different kinds of bottoms. Whether you match them with chinos, denim, or even shorts, you’ll end news hunt up with a perfect outfit that you can pull off with ease. So if you’re looking forward to a meeting, a day at the beach, or a dinner, you have all the choices at your disposal that you can pair with your dress shirt.

Choose the Right Colors

Another thing you need to be mindful of is the color of the outfit you’re choosing. A black or gray shirt on black bottoms looks good if you want a telesup chic yet intimidating look, while a bold shirt color like red or even violet, with your khaki chinos, can do wonders for your unique style. If you’re going for a pastel-colored dress shirt, match it with darker-toned bottoms, like denim shorts or black chinos.

Go for Accessories

Ties, belts, sunglasses, or even blazers and jackets; there isn’t much that can’t be matched with your favorite dress shirts. So if you’re planning for a trip to cooler regions to get rid of the summer heat, pack up your jackets to have a variety of style choices in outfits, or you could wear some lighter-colored ties with your shirt when going for important meetings. For more casual summer days, sunglasses should be enough to bring a stylish look to your personality.

Choose the Perfect Shoes

There’s no end to the kind of shoes you can wear with your dress shirts, you just need to decide what the occasion is and what your entire outfit looks like. For a more formal feel, go for moccasins or loafers, yet if you’re going for a high-end meeting or a special formal event, Oxfords and Derby shoes are the right choice. While sneakers can be paired up with your dress shirt and shorts look for a smart-casual feel.

It’s not wrong to say that for any of these looks to be perfect, your dress shirts need to be just right and have the best fitting possible to make your style stand out more impressively. As long as you’re comfortable with the look and feel of your outfit, you don’t have anything to worry about. For more information, visit FHS Official Pakistan.

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