7 Reasons Why You Need a Hand Cream

A complete skincare regimen’, is a phrase that has been widely used to advocate the importance of a healthy facial care routine, yet somehow still remains incomplete! How you may ask. Well, maybe because you forgot one of the most vital parts of the body- the hands! Ironically, carrying second-hand importance, the care for hands has been limited to only sanitizers & soaps. Well, a life without regular sanitization & regular handwash is unfathomable, one practice still remains forsaken- which is the use of hand cream. Regular usage of handwash & sanitizers can make your skin extremely dry and can lead to flakiness and irritation. Thus, using a hand cream is extremely important when you’re dreaming of having soft & supple skin.

Our hands are at work day & night. From typing out this article to you scrolling down the screen- our hands do so much for us and still remain neglected. Daily activities do take a toll on your hands, but it’s never too late. Have a look at these 7 major reasons why you need hand cream at your disposal. Visit Here: wpswebnews

1. Makes Hands Soft & Supple:

The skin type differs from one part to another of our body. The thick skin of the palm makes it difficult for moisture to penetrate, while the thinner skin of the back has fewer oil glands, hence making both sides prone to drying skin. Mamaearth’s CoCo Hand Cream is the perfect solution to combat dryness, retain moisture and keep the skin nourished for long hours.

1. Fight Off Premature Aging
Ladies, believe it or not, your hands are one of the first body parts that show the first signs of aging. The elasticity lessens with age which results in an enhanced process of wrinkling & dehydration. Thus, choose a hand cream that is rich in shea butter & vitamin C to restore the moisture and tighten the skin. Our suggestion? Use Mamaearth’s Vitamin C Hand Cream and fall in love with your skin.

2. Combat Harmful Sun Rays
The back of the hands is the most sun-exposed, and hence, more prone to the damage caused by UV rays. Problems like sunburn occur when UV rays penetrate the deep layers of skin and destroy skin cells, resulting in more production of melanin a.k.a., tanning. To create a protective barrier, Mamaearth’s Ubtan hand cream is the ultimate savior. Turmeric is known for its skin brightening properties, and thus will help you not just detan but safeguard the skin too!

3. Happy & healthy nails

Managing healthy nails can often get challenging, considering those costly spa sessions & manicures, right? This is why Mamaearth hand creams are pocket-friendly investments that will keep your cuticles smiling and nails glowing! The constant hand washing & sanitizing can make your cuticles dry. With the use of hand cream, you can have healthy & bright-looking nails without going heavy on your pocket.

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4. Relieves Stress

Your daily hustling hands need a break! Application of a hand cream helps in relaxing the nerves, hence causing a soothing sensation for the hands & helps in relieving stress for the mind. Mamaearth’s wide range of hand creams is the therapeutic bottle of goodness that not just smells divine, but also turns dehydration into an old chapter.

5. Nourishes Hands All Year Round

A hand cream is that tube of nourishment that will allow your skin to reap moisturizing benefits for the longest of time. Mamaearth’s CoCo Hand Cream is rich in coffee & shea butter that will smoothen the skin without any greasy feeling or stickiness. Moreover, the delicious smell is a bang-on bonus too! It’s a myth that you need a hand cream only during winters or dry weather. Especially with us washing our hands throughout the day, rightly so, we need hand creams throughout the year too.

6. Ward Off Bacteria

Hand creams are super-versatile, and this time it is offering 100% germ kill promise along with hydrated & smooth skin. Mamaearth’s Ubtan Hand Cream is made with anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial ingredients that help in protecting against bacteria that may stick to the skin.

Wondering how you can get started with your hand care regime? Here are some tips that will help you kickstart & introduce a healthy routine for your hands.

  • Dryness tends to occur every time you wash hands or sanitizer. Keep reminding yourself of moisturization to keep dryness at bay.
  • Apply hand cream before hitting the bed. The skin self-repairs overnight, so a hand cream application will seep into the skin and help it rejuvenate.
  • Start considering hand care as a part of self-care.
  • Avoid long sun exposure. Sun rays are detrimental to the skin, so be mindful and carry extra protection, for eg. a glove if your hand is sensitive to harsh climates.
  • Choose the right-hand cream. Pro tip: Mamaearth’s range of hand creams is made of natural ingredients and is paraben-free.
  • Moisturize while your hands are damp. It will lock moisture, leaving your hands to be extra supple.
  • Carry a hand cream everywhere you go. Hand creams are built in a size that can fit your handbag easily.Read More About: imnewsking

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