A guide to buying the right wine rack

Whether you are a regular wine drinker or love collecting vintage wines, you most definitely wouldn’t want to store your wines in some locked cupboard or storage. Stocking up wine bottles requires an appropriate modular wine rack that adds to your house’s aesthetic. A good wine rack can store all your precious wine bottles for years.

Wine production in Australia has grown by almost 140%. Australian wine is famous worldwide for its soft fruity flavour. Wine is trendy in Australia, and therefore, the country has one of the best quality wine racks and cellars to store the various varieties of alcohol for ages.

Types of wine racks:

Wall-mounted racks – This modular wine rack not only stores all your bottles but also acts as a piece of decoration in your house. They tend to be smaller in size and save a lot of floor space. Due to the size and weight of the rack, accidents can be prevented. The wall-mounted racks have limited capacity and can hold a maximum of 12 bottles at a time. The main reason for the lower storage capacity is to prevent the bottles from falling.

Countertop racks – This rack can be easily placed on your kitchen or bar countertop. Similar to wall-mounted racks, even countertop racks are smaller in size. However, they can easily store 40-50 bottles at a time. Countertops are mostly preferred because they can conveniently fit into any spot on the floor or counters.

Floor wine racks – Floor racks are available in a wide range of shapes, heights and sizes. This modular wine rack is the ideal choice for those looking to store many bottles at a time. Floor wine racks can easily store a dozen to hundred bottles; however, smaller racks that take up less floor space and store about 10-12 bottles are also available. This category of wine racks are extremely versatile and is the obvious choice as you do not need to worry about the weight and height of the rack.

Hanging racks are pretty similar to wall-mounted racks, but instead of being fixed to the wall, they hang from the ceiling or sturdy furniture. However, hanging shelves need to be installed and maintained carefully. The extra weight of even 1 or 2 excess bottles could disrupt the balance and cause accidents. The best feature about hanging racks is that they come with spots to hang wine glasses, giving a typical bar vibe and extending the convenience of having both the bottle and glass side by side while drinking.

Factors to consider while choosing a wine rack:

Capacity and size – It is always important to consider the number of bottles you want to store and the amount of space available at home. If you aim to expand your collection over time, consider buying a versatile modular wine rack. Apart from keeping the size of the shelf and the capacity in mind, it is also essential to consider the size of the wine bottles you are planning to store. Though most wine bottles come in the standard bottle size, some may vary based on the type of wine and where it has been imported from. Thus, it is good to purchase a rack that can accommodate all sizes and shapes of wine bottles.

Material – Most wine racks are made out of wood or metal. While wood racks are usually preferred due to their traditional look and earthy colours, some prefer buying metal racks for a modern look and improved sturdiness. Metal racks are mainly black or silver, but they can be customised based on preference. Although both racks are extremely good in terms of stability and look, it is important to consider this factor as personal preferences and aesthetics differ.

Cost – This is an important factor as the price of wine racks can largely vary based on size, material and capacity. Large, high-capacity wine racks can be extremely expensive. Moreover, some racks have extra features like storage and wine glass hanging spots which can increase the price of the shelf. Therefore, you must choose a rack based on your requirements and budget.

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