Common Mistake When Cleaning Leather Clothes

Everything from your comfortable leather couch to your favorite leather jacket, these things should last a lifetime. However, it only can if you know how to maintain and care for your leather goods diligently.

If you are lucky enough to have a dry cleaning expert nearby, you can just leave your leather clothes with them. But, if you are cleaning these delicates on your own, you probably have made some common mistakes that you are unaware of.

1. Do not ever scrub stains.

This course of action is not only for leather clothes. Scrubbing stains, even on cotton fabrics, is not the best way to remove a stain. You might either spread the stain or damage the leather fiber. That’s why when dealing with stains, gently dab the stained area with cotton or clean white cloth. If you are hesitant to do it, bring the clothes that need treating to an expert in laundry service.

2. Using Strong Cleaner

You have to be careful when cleaning your leather garments. The number one mistake of people washing their leather clothes is using a regular detergent. Leather garments have their soap, and saddle soap is the most widely used.

Using regular laundry detergent is hard to remove, which makes attracting dirt and grime difficult. You would not want your favorite leather jacket to have a sticky, unpleasant layer on it, right?

Gently work with the soap into the leather. Do not wet the garment. Finish the cleaning with a leather conditioner to ensure the leather quality stays supple and crack-free.

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3. Overusing Conditioners

Too much is never good.

We all want a silky-smooth and premium quality look for our leather jackets. That’s why we often use leather conditioners on them. You might excessively use the conditioner, but you haven’t noticed the effect yet. The result takes time, and when you notice the real impact, you will see that your leather is permanently damaged and irreparable. 

That’s why to take caution in using leather conditioners; use them every 3 to 4 months. Over-condition of the leather makes it damp and soggy to touch.
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4. Excessive Water

Water is not always the answer when cleaning. Although it seems unusual, it has consequences when done to leather clothes.

Leather fiber cannot survive excessive water.
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Although it can cope admirably when damp, it is not the best idea to soak this garment with excess water. Water lubricates the leather fiber and makes it enter deep into the leather pores, which causes severe damage to the material. 

Moreover, if you use a wet cloth in wiping the leather, ensure that it will dry quickly. Do not place the leather under direct sunlight; instead, hang it in a well-ventilated area.

Final Takeaway

There are still several mistakes people make when cleaning their leather clothes. But, these are the most common ones, especially by new leather product users. If you have made the above mistakes, there’s not much to worry about. You now have an idea of how to take care of your leather clothes better.

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