Different Ways to Style Men’s Denim Jacket

Justin Timberlake is as big of a Style Icon as he is. He is primarily to blame for men’s aversion to wearing men’s denim jackets. He created a lot of uncertainty when there shouldn’t have been any. However, if you opt for a complete denim outfit, there is no room for you to make a mistake.

So, here are four outfits you’ll never want to take off, along with how to wear them for every event. Keep reading if you want to know how to rock a denim jacket.

Four ways to style men’s jacket

You can never go wrong with denim. Here are four interesting ways you can style your jeans:

●  Double denim

If you were to list menswear’s cardinal sins, teaming denim with denim would undoubtedly be towards the top. This is a typical misunderstanding. Although doubling up on your denim isn’t simple, it can be accomplished. And it is one of the most effective styles of moves a guy can do when executed properly.

Balancing the colours of your denim is key to nailing this trendy look. A jacket isn’t a good idea unless you’re trying to make a statement like stonewash jeans and a stonewash. Instead, mix and match your colours. An excellent start is with dark, raw jeans and a lighter wash-up top.

● With the aid of a jumper

In the winter, a denim jacket may not appear warm enough. But with a few styling suggestions and the usage of your other wardrobe essentials, you’ll discover that the denim jacket is a wonderful go-to. It may even replace the need for a coat.

Wearing textures underneath a men’s denim jacket, like flannel or wool, can offer dimension to your look. Also, this might be easily coupled with riding boots. A thinner knit will feel most comfortable when worn with denim and may be placed over a button-up or tee for a better look.

● All-black everything

The denim jacket became a superstar, having been adopted by various musical subcultures – punk, metal, and greasers, to mention a few – and what could be more rock ‘n’ roll than dressed head to toe in black?

Going all black is a timeless aesthetic with the added benefit of being highly slimming. Begin by putting on a pair of black leather Chelsea boots and skinny pants in a black hue. Next, wear a black tee-shirt and layer on a black denim jacket. It’s so simple; you could get dressed in the darkness.

●  Sea stripes

Although a denim jacket may not be the most practical clothing for your next sailing excursion, when paired with a few sea-faring staples.

In terms of washing, anything but white will suffice. The darker the jacket, the dressier it seems, so save stonewash for informal occasions. And choose black, raw, or mid-wash when things need to be dressed up a bit. The overall idea is to keep to a blue-based palette.

Choose a white or cream pair of pants and a Breton shirt to complete the nautical look. It’s a personal opinion regarding footwear, but boat shoes are the obvious choice.

Wrapping up

Considering how the pandemic has affected industries worldwide, it’s surprising that the Australian clothing retail market has not been affected much. As such, with a market share of $19 billion, it’s safe to say that the options will only increase in the future. The possibilities with men’s denim jackets are truly endless.

With that increasing clothing options, styling your denim outfit can be as minimal or extravagant as you want. Mix and match or stick to a certain colour palette.

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