Fashion Model Matilda Dahlin on achieving her dreams in the modeling world and IG influencing

Matilda, a fashion model, IG Influencer, teacher, and aspiring actress, has the makings of the next modeling sensation. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, fashion has always played an essential role in her life. She comes from a line of fashion designers which sparked her interest in the fashion industry. A new chapter in her life started when Matilda and her family relocated to Santa Barbara, United States, which gave her modeling career a new vigor.

Matilda won a local beauty competition during high school, which solidified her dream of becoming a model. She started building her portfolio with the support of her mother, who is also a photographer. Matilda has done many extraordinary things since then, like walking the catwalk for LA Fashion Week, appearing in a car commercial for Dodge, and appearing in a music video with The Game, Lil Wayne, Jeremih, and Fabulous for their new track “All That Lady.”

She was also featured in a second music video for Chris Brown with E-40. “Episode.” Matilda also works as a model and brand ambassador for several apparel companies. Matilda has recently started filming clothing lines and advertisements for exciting new ranges. Fresh Faces Magazine, Vogue Italia, CIE Fashion Magazine, and Wedding Ideas highlighted her.


She collaborated with the fragrance firm Waft Fragrance to produce her scent in the summer of 2019. She currently collaborates with various high-end apparel designers on magazine editorials and billboard advertisements. Matilda has recently collaborated with fashion photographers for magazine editorials, as well as shooting for clothing lines and campaigns for brand new ranges.

She has recently appeared in L’Officiel India and even graced the cover of FHM India. Matilda has an ambition of one day being the face of designer labels such as GUESS, and she is working hard to achieve that goal.

Is Your Love Of Fashion Influenced By Your Family?

Having fashion designers in my family drew me to the profession at a young age. I was surprised and captivated by it as my mother dressed me in the lovely and classy garments my grandma stitched by hand. As a child, I used to adore dressing in fancy gowns, and I still do. As I grew older, I knew I wanted to be a model, so I entered the beauty pageant scene. However, after witnessing the darker side of beauty pageantry, I abandoned it and concentrated only on modeling through fashion photography. It rapidly became clear to me that it would become my passion. That’s when I realized I wanted to be a professional model for a company.

What Keeps You Motivated?

With a desire to become a Guess model and walk the catwalk for major labels, I am still working hard and not looking back. Furthermore, I want to encourage other women to believe in their strength and inner beauty. I believe we should all empower one another since I have been on the receiving end of bullying, and I wish that women pull each other up no matter what. With today’s beauty standards, it’s critical to understand that social media isn’t always accurate. I hope that women perceive themselves as their authentic selves rather than how they seem on social media, which may sometimes be fiction.

What Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd?

Regardless of how often I have been duped and let down by people in this field, I never give up on my aspirations and objectives. I’ve been the victim of countless scams over the years. When I started, con artists stated they wanted to help my modeling career. I lost thousands of dollars that I never recovered.

I’ve also been sexually harassed on various occasions on other gigs and picture shoots by photographers and industry professionals. In addition, when I first became recognized in my area, I was subjected to cyberbullying and abuse, which lasted for several years. I received threatening texts and letters from unknown persons, prompting me to contact the police. I still have nightmares about it now and then. Despite these harrowing encounters, I have not allowed them to deter me from following my passion. If anything, it has strengthened me and made me a better role model for other young ladies interested in a career in modeling.

Being tough and persistent allowed me to land the large magazine covers and billboard advertising I’d always wanted. I’ve graced the covers of FHM India and One West Magazine. I have been published in prominent publications such as L’OFFICIEL, VOGUE ITALIA, FHM Sweden, Wedding Ideas, Fashion Faces, and the most recent, GMARO magazine. This past year, I was also featured on several giant billboards for a luxury brand in Las Vegas. Furthermore, I am a social media influencer and collaborate with a fragrance company to create my scent.

What Advice Would You Give To Young Girls Who Want To Follow In Your Footsteps?

The most important lesson I’ve learned is to trust your gut intuition. Many people try to take advantage of young aspiring models, claiming to want to boost your career when, in reality, they have another motive. If I could give young girls starting in this field one piece of advice, it would be to trust their instincts. If you suspect anything is fishy or doesn’t add up, go the opposite path right away to spare yourself a lot of suffering. It usually occurs when something appears to be too good to be true.

It’ll be interesting to watch Matilda Dahlin’s inspiring journey.

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