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A chest of drawers is a very functional and stylish piece of furniture. Whether it is tall and narrow and short and wide, you can use it for more than just storing clothes. It can hold a number of household objects to keep your space clean and organized. 

When you think of where to place a chest of drawers, your first answer is typically the bedroom. You’re not wrong, but there are a number of other places you may find this multifunctional piece helpful.
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We’re going to look at some of those options, but first, we’ll start with the most common one, the bedroom.

A low-sitting chest makes a wonderful bedside table. Instead of the traditional nightstand, why not use a chest of drawers. They usually have more surface space and are able to hold more items in the drawers than a nightstand. Turn a large walk-in closet into a dressing room with a chest and free up some space in your bedroom.

These are also perfect in guestrooms as visitors have a unpack and store their items during their short stay. In a child’s room, they can be used as toy boxes and stored at the foot of the bed.

The living room is another place you can incorporate a chest into the design. The shorter models can serve as end tables, perfect for larger table lamps. Place two sleek designs next to each other and use them as a sofa table. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either; find a chest of drawers for sale online.

Do you have game night at your home? Then the chest is the perfect hiding spot for board games. If it’s your turn to host poker night, keep your decks of cards, chips, and other gaming accessories tucked neatly away.

Have you thought of using one in your kitchen or dining area? If not, you should. They make great sideboards and buffet tables. A waist-high chest is just the right size for a kitchen island, and a smaller chest can be used as a coffee bar. Keep your coffee, tea, stirrers, spoons, and more in the drawers. 

A felt-lined drawer can hold precious silverware, and you won’t have to worry about ugly scratch marks being left behind. It’s a great way to update the look and feel of the space. Your porch is another area to use the chest as a serving station during barbecues. Keep grilling utensils, paper plates, cups, and disposable eating utensils in the chest. 

What about your home office? Use this piece to store files and office supplies you regularly use.
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Or, use it to store birthday and anniversary cards alongside wrapping paper, scissors, and scotch tape. 

Don’t forget the bathroom. A tall chest can hold toiletries, tissues, hand towels, and other items you may not have a dedicated space for. These are just some of the many ways you can use a chest throughout the home. 

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