Haircare Hurdles: How to Fix the Common Causes of Lacklustre Locks

Common Hair Problems, and Their Causes

Just like skin types, there are different types of hair – and each of them comes with its own issues that need to be solved to achieve luscious, shining, healthy locks! 

Fortunately – whether your hair is overly dry, brittle or coarse, imp, fine or lacking volume, or perhaps damaged due to overuse of chemical perming, hair colour dye, or other products, or even if your hair is simply just a little too oily between washes – there are fantastic hair products available to help combat these common hair concerns! 

Dry Hair 

Dry hair can be a result of both natural and environmental causes. For example, in some cases, it’s simply because your scalp does not produce enough oil for your hair to be moisturised and healthy. This can be because of your age, as we naturally produce less oil as we get older. Or, your dry hair could be a result of the environmental factors you are exposed to. For example, the climate in your location may be excessively warm, dry and windy, and your hair may be frequently exposed to damaging UV Rays. Swimming in either chlorinated or salty water will also dry out your hair. How you care for your hair may even be responsible for causing dryness! Frequent over-washing several times a week, and using harsh, damaging hair products that strip your hair of its moisture, as well as perming the hair and colouring your hair frequently, can all cause your hair to be dry. As a result, people with dry hair will often experience lacklustre, dull or brittle locks that lack shine, and can in some cases dry hair can become frizzy and hard to manage. 

Oily Hair 

On the flip-side, if your hair is excessively oily, your scalp is likely over-producing sebum – resulting in a build-up of unnecessary oil in your hair. Common concerns for people with oily hair include the hair appearing greasy or unwashed even if washed frequently, as excess oil will weigh down your locks and make them stick to your head in an unsightly manner! 

Your hair even may be oily because you are washing it too frequently. Reducing the frequency in which you wash your hair will allow your locks to return to natural, healthy oil production by reducing the stress washing and drying the hair can place on your scalp. Also, pay attention to the products you are using to wash your hair. Using overly waxy or oily products will have an undesirable effect on oily hair.

Fine, Limp Hair

If your hair is fine or limp – you need volume! If your hair is very thin, it can often look flat and lacklustre if not styled properly. While styling and cutting thin hair in a flattering manner will help increase the appearance of volume; the best way to treat fine, limp hair is to use volumising shampoo and conditioner, as well as abundant hairspray when styling! 

The Best Hair Products to Use to Achieve Your Best Possible Locks

Shampoo and Conditioner 

Shampoo and Conditioner are a no-brainer when it comes to treating and caring for your hair. Of course, there are various types of shampoo to treat different types of hair. For dry hair, it’s a good idea to use moisturising varieties. Opt for shampoos with hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, coconut and argan oil. Oily hair will benefit from gentle, scalp-soothing shampoos which contain chamomile, eucalyptus and green tea.

When it comes to hair conditioners, there are various brands to choose from, but one of the best is Keune Hair Conditioner. Keune is one of the most popular hair conditioner brands on the market and is great for helping all hair types to feel healthier, smoother and more manageable. 

Hair Masques, Hair Oils and Treatments

Traditional cultures have been using hair masques and hair oil treatments to care for their hair for centuries. In India and the Middle East, hot hair oil treatments are massaged into the scalp before washing the hair to increase shine and strength and reduce hair damage. Afro hair is also known to benefit from restorative hair treatments, with a range of masques and oils available to smooth, hydrate and soften the hair to make it easier to style. Hair oil treatments are often made from Argan, Almond, Coconut and even Olive oil, and are known to be immensely beneficial to all hair types.

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