Here are Some Ideas to Help Find the Perfect Engagement Dresses for Brides

There are endless options for engagement dresses for brides in the market. With so many to choose from it can get confusing which ones are currently trending. Moreover, it matters the kind of vibe you want to go for, for your ring ceremony. Whether it’s more of a western high-collared type of vibe you want or Indian or somewhere in the middle of both. Deciding on the look and vibe you need you’ve got to look for options. And what also counts is what you are wearing for your other events, so that what you wear for the engagement is different. Hence, to help sort out all the confusion that comes with finding the outfit for your first event, we’ve narrowed it down to the top few options for you to choose from. Another very important thing to remember is that for a lot of the brides the jewellery is changed during the event so find something versatile, so that you look stunning with both pieces of jewellery. This low down is sure to help you make the right choice for when you put a ring on it. Read on to know more.

Here are some perfect engagement dresses for brides to choose from.

Princessy Gowns

One of the most obvious choices when it comes to engagement dresses for brides. Gowns really are the best way to start off your wedding events. More often than not, engagement functions have more of a western vibe. Even when you talk about the jewellery. If you love the whole princessy look then go for a nice flowy gown with some heavy sequined work on it. However, if you are more about the spiff elegant look then a nice body hugging gown with a fish cut should be your pick. Either way it’s a pretty elegant choice. What you can also consider is going for a trail with your gown, it will make look all the more royal. You could even find yourself some pretty hair accessory, like a headband for it would go perfectly well with a look like this. For hair you can opt for nice bouncy curls, or those sleek waves or even a proper sleek ponytail.

Engagement Dresses for Brides with Prints & Patterns

If you’d love to have some character to your outfit on the engagement day then opt for some interesting prints and patterns. You can then even play around with colours which might not be possible on the wedding day. The patterns can be embroidered too! Think florals, asymmetric or even something new and abstract. Something like this lehenga with multiple coloured kalis would also be something great to experiment with. This of course would be suitable if the vibe of your event is more towards the Indian side, since such experiments can be done with lehengas and sarees only. We think something like this would only make for a rather royal look. If you are opting for gold jewellery then there’s nothing better than this. 

Pastel Engagement Dresses for Brides

There really isn’t a better colour option when it comes to Pastel engagement dresses for brides . Pastels definitely offer the perfect opportunity to opt from something a tad bit different. It’s actually a great choice if you are doing a day event. Being as it is a subtle colour which will also stand out by the way, you can go for some heavy work on the outfit. You could go for pastel lehengas, shararas or some nice body hugging gowns too. We absolutely love the frill lehenga for it goes perfectly well with pretty colour. Even the lehgenga with Chikankari is a stunning choice. You can very well match your outfit with bae’s for the colours are pretty versatile and would definitely look good on the groom as well. Not only that the outfit colours leave you ample choice to play around with the makeup as well. Make sure to go for some flower accessories too. 

Indian With a Touch of Western

Remember when we talked about the vibe of the event being somewhere between western and Indian? Well, it truly is one of the best choices for the ring ceremony. That is because a lot of people also do the sagan pooja on the day of the engagement so going for something Indian is a good idea but with a touch of western. Because chances are most of your other outfits would be Indian except for the cocktail of course. So this helps create that balance. You can opt for some really cute off shoulder tops. Or even go for nice flowy or pleated skirts. Something along the lines of a polymer lehenga can be done too, for it’s all the rage these days. These three options perfectly depict the kind of outfit you can go for. And make sure you go for some lighter yet rich colour options like pastels, whites, greys etc. 

Body-Hugging Drape Sarees

Another really good option between Indian and western are drape sarees. Easy, effortless and comfortable too. You could go as heavy on the work and it still wouldn’t look over the top. It’s perfect to create that bougie sexy look and if you are going for jewellery with precious stones then a drape saree is undoubtedly just what you need. We would recommend going for sleek hair-do keeping with the elegance of the look and for the makeup you sure could experiment with a smokey eye. An outfit like this would keep you comfortable through the night as well!

Ruffled Dupattas, Saree or Gowns

Another one in the indo-western look and vibe, these ruffled outfits are certainly doing the rounds. With asymmetric unique designs each of them offers something new. Mostly, you can find such designs with Gaurav Gupta outfits. These are an amazing choice for your first event and would definitely make you look and feel like royalty. When it comes to hair curls would definitely be a good option and go light on the makeup to balance out the look. 

And that was a low down on some really good options for engagement dresses suitable for brides. They are suitable for all kinds of brides and whatever kind of vibe you wish to go for. Ring ceremony is the first and main event so make sure you make the right choice. Tell us which one’s your favourite. For any assistance in wedding planning and styling get in touch with us at Styl. Inc.

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