Hormone gradin and the hormone leptin How does it affect the body and skin?

Hormone gradin and the hormone leptin Affects the body and the wrong description even sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย The reason why it is talked about a lot is because “The two hormone counterparts, Ghrelin and Leptin, are abnormally active. give us hunger the hormone lepton Made from various fat cells in our body, acting to say that we are full. to stop eating If these partners work in harmony and balance, the body’s food regulation mechanism will be normal and our weight will be stable. But things are not like that. Lack of sleep is involved Because staying up late is an important factor. that results in high levels of the hormone gradin So we get hungry more often. and continue to eat only not enough Staying up late also lowers leptin levels. makes us not feel full therefore continue to eat from that reason As a result, people who sleep late or do not sleep enough. Often have problems in controlling the weight itself.

Problem 1 Coping with stress

Everyone experiences stress every day, whether it be physical or mental, or a combination of both. whether it is sleep deprivation do not eat breakfast Or even the stress caused by work, personal life, family, love, etc.

Coping with stress is important, but if someone is very stressed and can’t find a way to cope, would have a negative effect on our body By having an effect on a hormone called cortisol (Cortisol) is higher.

When cortisol is elevated for a long time the body will not be able to produce this hormone out causing a condition that we call The adrenal glands (Adrenal Fatigue), which cause many negative effects on the body, including fatigue, chronic fatigue. Gain weight easily, get fat quickly, have excess fat accumulated (Especially the abdomen) Immunity Diseases of the body fall from the original. make sick more often, etc.

In addition, the hormone cortisol also affects the brain to secrete a substance called neuropeptide Y. (Neuropeptide Y) comes out more, this substance will cause more hunger. especially food Types that are high in starch and sugar So we often hear that if you are stressed, you will eat more. It can be seen that all of these are from stress

Problem 2: Screen addiction, mobile phone addiction, health behaviors that are often seen in the era

Too many mobile phones. This is a behavior nowadays, no matter where we go. I usually only see people who are They play with mobile phones almost everywhere, of all genders and ages, especially when communicating in various online communities. Whether it’s Facebook, Line or Instagram, etc., it leads to social network addict behavior or more social behavior.
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What follows is a detrimental effect on health in many aspects. Whether it is Text Neck disease or diseases of the muscles, bones and nervous system disorders in the neck and shoulders from stooping Too many mobile phones or tablets, Trigger Finger is caused by the use of fingers to type letters or touch the screen many times a day. including the Computer Vision Syndrome group with various abnormalities Occur with the eyes from looking at the screen every day for a long time, such as eye pain, burning eyes, dry eyes, red eyes or even myopia.

As for the negative effects in other areas then we also found cell phone use Or too many tablets can cause a shorter attention span. unable to concentrate on One thing for a long time and most importantly, only playing on your phone or tablet. Too much is another important reason that we rarely move. In the end, it ends up in a Sedentary Lifestyle lifestyle.


from all that has been told Many people have probably already figured out how to live a life that will make it easier to get old, deteriorate, and have various diseases more easily. These also come from health behaviors. inappropriate for all of us Like all 6 behaviors above, so how we can slow down the disease, slow down aging, must start.

At our Lifestyle Modification to create better healthy behaviors while trying to avoid unhealthy behaviors as much as we can. (because no one can do it 100%) turn to focus on eating well, reducing, avoiding unhealthy food, trying to exercise regularly. And train to be active, practice habits, sleep quality, practice coping and managing stress. and know how to relieve stress

if you can do this Guarantee that life will start far from aging and little deterioration

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