How To Choose the Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape

If you’ve ever wondered why some earrings look amazing on your best friend but not so much on you, it might have to do with the face shape. Just like how certain hairstyles or makeup techniques can accentuate or downplay different features, the shape of your face can make a big difference in how the jewelry looks on you. Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect ones for your face shape!

Round Face Shapes

There are a few guidelines to bear in mind when shopping for jewelry if you have a round face. First, try to avoid earrings that are too large or overwhelming. Opt for smaller or more delicate styles instead. Second, look for pieces that contour the shape of your face. This will help to elongate your features and create a more oval-like appearance. Third, consider choosing pieces with a bit of sparkle or embellishment. This will help to add dimension and visual interest to your look. With that in mind, here are a few of the top earring styles for round faces:

  1. Hoops. Hoops are a classic earring style that always looks great on round faces. They contour to the shape of your face and add a touch of elegance and glamour.
  2. Studs. Studs are a great option if you want a simple, understated look. They help to elongate your face and add a touch of sparkle.
  3. Cuff pieces. Cuff pieces are another great option for round faces. They add a touch of glamour and sophistication, and they help to elongate your face.

Oval Face Shapes

People with oval faces have a symmetrical face shape that is longer than it is wide, with a chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead. Because of this, people with oval faces can wear almost any type of earring. However, depending on the size and style of the earrings, there are some guidelines that should be followed when choosing jewelry for an oval face. For example, if you want to wear large or statement earrings, try to choose styles that are elongated rather than round. Round pieces will make your face look even more oval-shaped, while elongated styles will add balance and symmetry to your features. Additionally, avoid small or dainty ones since they will only accentuate the smaller features of your face. Instead, opt for larger styles that will make your overall look more proportionate.

Heart Face Shapes

Heart-shaped faces are wide at the temples and have a narrow chin. The goal with ear pieces is to add width to the temples and balance out the face. Those that are long and dangle will do just that. Try hoops or other styles that hang down instead of studs or small ones. You can also wear pieces that are wider than your face. Avoid small, delicate ones that may not be noticeable on your face.

Triangular or Pear Face Shapes

When it comes to choosing the best earrings for triangular or pear face shapes, it’s important to keep in mind that you want to aim to create the illusion of a more oval-shaped face. To do this, it’s important to choose ones that are wider than they are long. Some great options to consider include chandelier pieces, hoops, and large dangle pieces. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, go for ones with a round or teardrop shape. Avoid choosing pieces that are too long or too thin, as these will only draw attention to the points of your face. Additionally, avoid anything that is too flashy or has a lot of detail, as this will also draw attention to your face shape.

According to the expert headshot photographers at FrameShot, it is essential to choose the perfect earrings for your face shape in order to create a harmonious and balanced look. By considering the overall shape of your face, you can select jewellery that will flatter your features and enhance your appearance. Sussex Wedding Photographer Moritz Schmittat adds “Brides should pay special attention to their choice of earrings. Usually, less is more. Don’t let your earrings become a distraction.

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