How to Game Like a Boss (While Staying Safe!)

Gaming is a great way to wash away the stress of the day. Done in moderation, gaming can also improve your mental health, improve your hand-to-eye coordination and help you socialize with like-minded people from the convenience of your home. But the world of gaming can seem overwhelming if you’re a newbie. Here are some essential tips to help you chart your gaming journey like a boss, while also ensuring your personal safety at all times.

Save for the Right Gear

While you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket when you’re assembling your gaming gear, you do want to use quality products such as the ones from Lenovo. This way, you won’t need to shop again and again when the cheaper versions give way weeks after buying them. Be discerning and do your research. Make a list of the things you absolutely need. Then, start saving towards these future expenses. You don’t need to assemble everything at once. Often, the journey can be as fun as the destination! Create saving goals for your gear and celebrate every milestone. The sense of accomplishment when you do save your desired amount and then buy what you’ve been wishing for is a real dopamine rush which will egg you along to your next saving goal.

Practice and then Practice Some More

The best way for getting better at something is to keep practicing. This is just as true for gaming too. The more you practice, and the greater the variety of games, the better you’ll get. Playing again and again lets you correct prior mistakes, try new things, and hone your overall skills. Playing a nice variety of games helps you adapt faster and better.

Protect Your Identity and Privacy

The world of gaming is fun. It also has a skewed men-to-women ratio that will hopefully fix itself with time. But until then, be proactive about your own safety and privacy. If anyone comes across as pushy and demanding, don’t give in and overshare. Make sure you don’t share your personal information or sensitive data. Do not share personal photographs or videos either. Until you’re an experienced hand (and even after that), try to keep yourself anonymous. Try to contribute to the online gaming community so others know your gaming profile and can come to bat for you if anyone happens to start bullying you online.

Stay Calm

The world of gaming can sometimes end up bestowing unfair treatment to women gamers, since they’re still such a minority. Do not engage with trolls, no matter how outrageous they might get. Flag the issue with admins, moderators, or other, experienced gamers. Then, leave it to them to take action. Avoid communicating with people that purposely try to bait you. Socializing online or offline with other female gamers is also a good way to create solidarity and unity that you can count on if times get tough in the gaming world.

Gaming can be a lot of fun and also educational and de-stressing. Use these tips to get started on your gaming journey without feeling overwhelmed.

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