How To Make Oils Work For Fine Curls and Waves

It doesn’t matter if you have natural curls and waves or if they have been made with the help of a high-quality hair curler. At some point, you’re going to want to try using oil. It does more than add a nice shine to your hair, it can reduce the weight on your hair, helping it to gain volume and your head to feel lighter.

Of course, reducing the weight on your hair also lowers the stress and the risk of hair damage. Naturally, having great-looking hair also boosts your confidence levels.

When you’re ready to use oils on fine curls and waves, you need the following tips to make them work for you.

Choose The Right Oil

Not all hair oils are the same. You need to choose a brand you can trust, such as Oz Hair & Beauty. They don’t just have a reputation for producing high-quality oils, they are known to only use natural ingredients.

This is important as you don’t need to add more chemicals to your hair that can potentially damage it further. In short, make sure you know what oil you’re buying.

Use the Right Amount

Using oil is a great way to add shine, nourish your hair, and add a layer of protection. However, use too much and you’ll make your hair heavy. This will strain the roots and potentially lead to hair loss.

The best approach is to use just a drop of oil in your hands and then assess how effective it is. It’s much easier to add a little more than it is to take it away.

You’ll quickly establish the right amount for your hair.

Do It When Damp

To make the most of your oil it’s a good idea to run it through your hair while it’s damp. The oil will be absorbed easier, boosting the health of your hair. You’ll find you need less oil and it’s easier to apply when doing it to damp hair.

Reduce The Frizz

Oil isn’t just good at helping your hair look shinier and healthier. It is also effective at eliminating frizz. If you’re dealing with frizz then you’ll want to apply the oil while your hair is dry. Again, rub a little into your hands and run your hands gently through your hair. The difference is noticeable.

Pre Shampoo Oil

You don’t just need to use oil when brushing and styling your hair. It’s also possible, and often a good idea, to use it before you shampoo your hair. The warmth of the water will open your cuticles, making them more receptive to the nourishment the oil provides.

The advantage of this approach is you must wash all the oil out before you start shampooing. This makes it much harder to have too much oil causing damage to your hair during the day!

Adding oil to your hair is an effective way of looking after it and restoring shine. But, like all products, moderation is the key.

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