How to Style Men’s Rings for Summer

Here, we will discuss various ways that you can style men’s rings for summer. Since we understand that all of us are unique in our particular individual way and all want to express that differently, including in the jewelry that we wear, we have included styles to fit anyone’s personality and taste. Keep on reading to learn more about styling men’s rings this summer.

Is Your Style on the Simple Side, Eye-Catching Side, or a Mix Somewhere Between the Two Aesthetics?

A significant aspect of how we all express ourselves is through the outward appearance that we all present to others we encounter in our day-to-day lives. Each day, every person decides how they want to display themselves to others in the world and thereby how they will be perceived by others, based on the outward appearance they portray, whether unintentionally or purposefully. What we choose to dress in, like the brands we wear and the formality of attire for specific occasions, the way we decide to do our hair on certain days, and how we communicate with others. Countless other factors determine who we are as individuals and how others will perceive us as a result. 

Is Your Style Bold, Loud, and Striking?

Suppose you are a loud, bold, and spirited person who wants to display your fun, outgoing, distinct personality with the rest of the world. In that case, there is no better way to do so than by purchasing a men’s ring this summer that fits your special and unique personality. There are numerous choices to select from to show others your modern taste that will speak to you as a person and represent that back to others every time you put it on and wear your ring. There are many different kinds of men’s rings you can find to fit your aesthetic, like boldly mixing and matching metals. For example, you can wear a ring that displays gold and silver simultaneously. Or you can wear two different rings at once, one exclusively gold and the other solely silver, as layering the two metals will draw the eye, highlight the different textures that each of the two pieces has, and emphasize the contrasts between these metals. Another fantastic way to uniquely show your personality can be with a signet ring for men this summer. It is a ring with an icon, image, or set of words or letters that usually represents something of significance to the person wearing it. There are various eye-catching, striking designs and styles to fit anyone’s aesthetic and style. 

Is Your Style Simple, Classic, and Traditional?

On the other hand, if you are more reserved and traditional in your aesthetic style, there are many classy and beautiful options. For example, you can wear a simple, minimalistic men’s biker rings band with just one tone or metal color. On the other hand, if you do still want to mix metals while maintaining a simplistic, classic, and traditional appearance for the ring, you can do so with consideration of what you are styling together and what looks explicitly good on you. By being deliberate in your choices, you can easily mix metals while keeping an overall simple and clean jewelry look. For example, you can choose to wear mainly silver but then balance that out with a few gold pieces that complement the look. You can also wear metals that complement each other, like pairing silver with white gold or a black onyx gemstone. You can also pair yellow gold with warmer colors, such as rose gold and either a yellow citrine gemstone or an amber gemstone, as all complement gold excellently.  

Which Finger and Hand Should I Wear My Ring On?

Sometimes, wearing a ring on particular fingers on specific hands can indicate certain things about the person, like their marital status. Traditionally in the United States, most people recognize that wearing a band on your left-hand ring finger is an indicator that usually symbolizes marriage for that person. However, wearing a men’s ring on your left-hand index finger instead or on your right-hand ring finger would not necessarily indicate marriage traditionally. People also sometimes recognize wearing a men’s ring on your left middle finger as a sign of engagement. Further, wearing a men’s ring on your pinky finger, no matter which hand, can sometimes be a person’s way of showing their wealth and status, as this is commonly associated with displaying your prosperity to others. Also, do you spend more time working with one hand over another? It might be best to only wear the ring on the hand that you do not use as much.


With so many fantastic options for men’s rings this summer, it is impossible not to find something that will fit anyone’s style, no matter the aesthetic. This summer, check out the men’s rings to purchase yourself a jewelry item that will truly spark joy and speak to who you are in your style and as an individual. For more men’s jewelry, check out Puravida Bracelets collection.

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