Is FondMart a Good Wholesale Clothing For Boutiques For Fashion Clothes?

The growth rate of FondMart exceeds the market average. It offers both casual and degage activewear. Moreover, it provides fast delivery within the U.S. and integrates with Shopify for order fulfillment. But are these advantages worth the price? Read on to find out! Listed below are some of the benefits of FondMart. Also, keep in mind that its selection is limited.


There are many reasons to choose FondMart for your fashion clothes wholesale needs. First, you get a wide variety of trendy clothing at meager prices. Secondly, it does not require membership, so you don’t have to pay membership fees for using FondMart. Finally, you get fast shipping within the U.S., which is always a plus. There are a few disadvantages, though.

Secondly, you get quality wholesale clothing for boutiques from FondMart. Verified Chinese manufacturers and suppliers make their products. This means you can expect to get high-quality products for low prices. The website updates its products daily, and the company’s partners in more than 40 countries offer affordable shipping and delivery options. Lastly, they’ve helped over 10,000 international sellers, including some of the world’s biggest apparel brands.

Its growth rate exceeds the market average

The number of brands that have increased their sales through the partnership with FondMart has been increasing at an impressive rate. According to FondMart, 76% of their customers have grown by more than 100 percent in the last four years, and 35% are expected to expand by more than 100 percent in 2021. For example, one of the brand’s most successful customers went from selling $50,000 a month to more than $330,000 a month and grew its staff from three to 14 in the same period. Another brand in the US has increased sales by a steady 10% each month.

This success is attributable to the firm taking the after-sales risk. FondMart is motivated to examine its suppliers and promote their transactions carefully as the sole party involved in the transaction. In contrast, commission models reduce incentives to monitor and control transaction risks. To further improve the shopping experience for buyers, FondMart has created a quality control team that thoroughly scrutinizes the products from its suppliers. The company also makes after-sales commitments to its buyers. If a buyer is unsatisfied with a product, FondMart will settle the claim and re-examine the transaction.

It offers both casual and degage activewear

Activewear is one of the hottest trends for women today. The activewear has several styles, from sports to casual, and women typically wear it while working out or doing other activities. FondMart is a great place to find high-quality options if you are looking for activewear wholesale. You’ll find a variety of colors, prints, and sizes for both men and women, and you can even buy wholesale t-shirts or degage to sell to your customers.

Activewear wholesale from FondMart is very cheap, and they have a large selection of solid colors and prints. Their prices are also highly competitive. You can even choose your own private label and sell the items through their website, making more profit than ever before. With shipping to more than 195 countries, you’ll be able to reach a large audience for a low price. And, because they partner with more than 40 global carriers, you can be sure that your orders will arrive quickly. To sell your activewear online, you should consider FondMart wholesale clothing.


The FondMart platform uses computer vision technology to identify products and match them with the right customers. The service is available to both local and global sellers. It also offers buyer assistance through a merchandising team to help buyers find the perfect products. With more than 200,000 products in its database, FondMart is an excellent choice for clothing boutiques looking for wholesale products. In addition to providing high-quality products, the FondMart app is highly flexible and offers many customization options.

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