Merino wool and its unique properties

Merino wool is a type of wool that is widely used for sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, thermal and other garments due to its unique properties. But what makes merino wool so popular? Clothing experts identify the functionalities of merino wool and give an overview of what makes merino wool garments special.

Merino wool – pleasant to the touch and non-irritating to the skin

Merino wool is softer and gentler than other types of wool and has a finer and more flexible pile. Merino wool used to make underpants, t-shirts and other garments is also pleasant to the skin and does not cause any irritation or itching, making it suitable for wear even for those with sensitive skin.

Merino wool is durable and long-lasting

Merino wool is extremely durable, which is why merino wool mittens, hats, neck sleeves and all other merino wool garments are of high quality and last long.

The Lithuanian brand AUDIMAS, creating clothing for active people who want to live balanced and conscious life full of movement, offers its customers a wide and constantly updated selection of merino wool jumpers, trousers, sweaters, T-shirts and other clothing items and accessories. AUDIMAS uses the advanced merino wool Corespun technology in the production of its garments, giving the yarn strength and elasticity. Corespun works like elastane, but is lighter and stronger, and has no characteristic shine of elastane when stretched.

Merino wool is breathable and moisture wicking

One of the most important functional properties of merino wool is that it has excellent breathability. In addition, merino wool sweaters, high neck shirts, merino wool underpants and other merino wool garments absorb and evaporate moisture well.

Merino wool does not absorb unpleasant odours

Merino wool has a natural greasy layer – lanolin, or wool yolk (an organic compound extracted from sheared sheep’s wool that is similar to the fat secreted from human skin). Lanolin has antibacterial properties that prevent unpleasant odours from quickly becoming absorbed into the merino wool garment you wear.

Merino wool has thermoregulatory properties

Merino wool has thermo-regulating properties, being one of its unique advantages. Merino wool is adaptable to the weather and its clothing maintains the optimum temperature of the human body: it warms the body in cool weather and helps it cool down faster when it’s hot. This unique characteristic makes merino wool clothing suitable for all seasons. In addition, merino wool garments (or thermal garments) are highly suitable for layering: in the cold season they are recommended as a first layer.

Garments of merino wool do not require frequent washing

Thanks to the lanolin content of merino wool, which prevents odours from being absorbed quickly into the garment, merino wool garments do not have to be washed often, unlike many synthetic products that tend to absorb sweat. Merino wool t-shirts, sweaters or other garments can often simply be aired thoroughly and the unpleasant odours quickly disappear.

Merino wool garments are suitable for everyone

Another unique feature is that merino wool clothing is suitable for everyone, even people with allergies, because merino wool is soft and does not irritate sensitive skin.

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