New Year, New Shoes: 7 Shoe Trends To Try in 2023

Does your shoe collection need a dose of excitement? Check out seven shoe trends to refresh your collection in 2023.

1. Knee-high Boots

Knee-high boots are great to pair with multiple outfits. When it comes to these trendy boots, there are many styles to choose from.

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Western knee-high boots are a great choice to wear with a long, flowy skirt or a pair of your favorite skinny jeans. As an example, white western boots would look appealing with dark denim jeans. A pair of beige western boots would look sharp with a dark brown or purple suede skirt. The combinations are endless!

A pair of knee-high boots in suede is another option for this 2023 shoe trend. Once again, these boots look great with jeans, leggings, dresses, and skirts.

Picture an outfit of black leggings, knee-high gray suede boots, and a flowing gray tunic. Or consider knee-high black suede boots paired with a burgundy pleated skirt and a black V-neck sweater. One of the best things about this boot style is that it can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

2. Ballet Flats

Chances are you have a pair of ballet flats in your closet. If so, you’re already ahead of this trend! In 2023, the ballet flat is moving to a whole new level.

A simple black ballet flat takes on a unique twist with a scalloped design around the top of the shoe. This is a fun detail to enhance the look of a pair of black cropped pants or a tailored black jumpsuit.

Or try a ballet flat with a color-blocked design of black and taupe with a black bow. Other color combinations for these ballet flats include pink and orange, peach and metallic gold, navy blue and taupe, and black and white. Color-blocked ballet flats are an especially popular trend because they are easy to match with the colors in an outfit.

3. Clear High Heels

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A clear, high heel is another trend gaining steam in 2023. This trend gives you lots of options regarding heel height and width.

One idea is to wear chunky, clear high heels with a casual wrap dress or shirt dress. If your clear heels have clear straps as well, then you have lots of leeway as to the color of the dress you choose.

Clear, narrow high heels can be worn with a flowy silk pantsuit or a cocktail dress. A thin, clear heel may be a little more suitable for a dressy outfit, whereas a chunky heel is more casual.

4. Metallic Slingback Pumps

Metallic silver or gold slingback pumps are also trending in 2023. This trend can be explored in many ways.

Try pairing a pair of metallic silver slingback pumps with your favorite little black dress and black wrap or jacket. Metallic slingbacks add flair to a dark ensemble.

A white outfit can benefit from metallic slingback heels as well. Enhance the look of white cropped pants and a white button-down blouse by slipping on a pair of metallic gold slingback heels. Echo the color of your heels with a gold necklace, earrings, or a silk scarf.

Of course, metallic slingback heels are beautiful to wear with primary colors, too. Consider wearing a pair of metallic gold slingbacks with a bright red jumpsuit. Put on a gold belt to complement the look of your shoes.

5. Thong Sandals

Thong sandals are likely to be your go-to footwear for warm weather in 2023. The strap between your big and second toes keeps your foot secure while exuding plenty of modern styles.

A pair of thong sandals featuring an embellishment like a butterfly, flower or seashell can dress up a casual outfit. A pair of shorts and a simple T-shirt look cute on their own. But this outfit looks even more stylish with a pair of white thong sandals featuring a tiny yellow butterfly.

This year, pair your favorite sundress with thong sandals. A pastel pink, yellow, or blue sundress looks great with metallic gold, mauve, or white thong sandals.

Matching your thong sandals with an element of your outfit is another fun idea. As an example, plaid pink and white cropped pants and a pink sleeveless top would look adorable with a pair of pink thong sandals. Or, if you have a Kelly green romper you love to pull out every summer, think about investing in a pair of pale or dark green thong sandals.

6. Sneakers With a Splash of Sparkle

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No list of new year’s trends would be complete without at least one pair of cute sneakers. Sneakers with a splash of sparkle are a heavy favorite for 2023.

Sneakers with a design featuring silver or gold sparkles can quickly liven up dark denim jeans or a dark denim jumpsuit.

Put a new twist on your usual workout clothes by pulling on a pair of sparkly sneakers. From pink yoga pants to a black running jacket, sparkly sneakers lend instant interest to your workout gear.

7. Sherpa Fabric Clogs

Clogs are back in 2023. But, instead of wearing the traditional leather clogs, why not go with something a little different?

A popular trend this year is clogs with a sherpa fabric covering. Some clogs have sherpa fabric covering the entire upper part of the shoe, while others have edges decorated with this soft material. You can find clogs with white, black, yellow, or red sherpa fabric. Slip on a pair of sherpa fabric clogs with your favorite jeans and go have some fun with friends in the new year.

Choose the 2023 Footwear Trend That’s Perfect for You

Whether you wear casual shoes most of the time or you prefer dressy heels, there’s sure to be a footwear trend you can make all your own in 2023.

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