No Compromise Cruelty-Free Stylish Sliders

Freedom Moses sliders are a guilt-free pleasure. Having a gorgeous pair of sliders isn’t going to hurt anyone, and it won’t harm the environment. You can wear your Freedom Moses sliders knowing that you’re taking one step forward for mankind to create a better, safer, planet. Freedom Moses is all about providing comfort and style without compromising their principles. So whether you’re rocking blue sliders, going for flower power with a floral design, or wearing solid white sliders, you’ll be doing your part for the planet.

Genderless – Our sliders look good on everyone, no matter your gender, or gender identity. No need to order Freedom Moses sliders for men or women, you’re free to dive right in and pick the pair you love. We have sections on our website for men, women, and children, but hey, no one’s telling you what pair of sliders to love at Freedom Moses.

Diversity – We embarrass diversity – from blue sliders, and pink sliders, to multi-colored sliders, black sliders, and white sliders. But we couldn’t help slipping a bit of color into our solid color collection. So, think out of the box and add some color, glitter, and prints to your life with Freedom Moses. Our diversity goes beyond color, Freedom Moses sliders are made for free-thinkers of all ages. You’ll feel comfortable and on-trend wearing FM sliders whether you’re 9 or 90.

Vegan-Friendly – If you really love animals then choose sliders that are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. We don’t hurt animals in any way during the production of our sliders. Wear your sliders without guilt, knowing that no animals were harmed to get these cool sliders onto your feet. You can talk the talk, but now with Freedom Moses sliders, you can also walk the walk.

Cruelty-Free Labor – No animals were harmed producing your blue sliders, not even those big animals called people. We insist on cruelty-free labor no matter where our products are manufactured. To ensure that decent standards are upheld, we visit our factories around the world regularly and check that employees are paid a fair wage, and provided safe work conditions. 

Sustainable – Our huge selection of sustainable sandals is eco-friendly, which means the raw materials are responsibly sourced and the manufacturing process, packaging, and delivery all take the Earth into consideration. We’re sustainable because we want our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to walk the planet in sliders years from now.

Be Responsible Without Compromise

With many products on the market, you sometimes have to choose between your principles and the item you want. But not with sliders. You can be confident that you are not compromising your morals, ideology, or social responsibility when you slip into a pair of Freedom Moses sliders. You’ll be getting the most comfortable sliders on the market. Made to the highest quality standards, and with a huge selection of styles. Fashionistas, trendsetters, and influences can indulge in these cool slides and do their bit for the environment at the same time. 

Comfort and Style – Being eco-conscious, vegan, and all-inclusive doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable and stylish. Our cool collection of sliders is as unique as the people who wear them. Choose from a wide selection of eye-popping colors, buckled or unbuckled, solid colors, prints or stripes, glitter-sprinkled, delicate, or bold. Do you feel like making a statement with a feline or cobra print? Are you in the mood for sky blue sliders or retro-dot designs?
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Whatever floats your boat, tickles your pickle, or rocks your socks, we’ve got you covered for style and comfort.

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