Smooth Skin and Healthy Arteries

Did you know that free radicals are also major players in the build-up of cholesterol in your arteries? This build-up can lead to nerve and blood vessel damage. Proper blood vessel and nerve health is important to healthy, beautiful, youthful skin, because without healthy blood vessels near your skin, the skin cannot get the wrinkle-fighting nutrients it needs from the blood to prevent signs of aging.

By providing vitamins A and C, two potent free-radical destroyers, bell peppers not only prevent the skin from aging by stopping free radical damage, but also ensure that the supply route to the skin—the blood vessels—is functioning properly. Like tomatoes, red bell peppers contain lycopene, a newcomer to the world of skin-healthy compounds.

This fat-soluble substance appears to be particularly effective in tissues with high fat and lipid content, such as the skin, and works to disarm free radicals, leaving them harmless and unable to cause damage to the skin.Read more about Tamilmv

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