The Dos and Don’ts When Buying Bridesmaid Robes

When buying robes for your bridesmaids, you need to be careful to avoid costly mistakes. Here are the dos and don’ts to help you when purchasing bridesmaid robes.


As you and your bridesmaids get ready for the wedding, you all need to wear comfortable and beautiful robes. This will allow you to take memorable photos for the big day and have an easy time getting ready. However, buying high-quality, beautiful robes isn’t easy. You need to research the designs and look for trusted boutiques offering the best bridesmaid robes on the market. Keep reading to learn the dos and don’ts when buying robes for your bridesmaids to ensure you get the right attire for the big day.

The dos

Research the designs

Wedding robes come in different designs. In addition, they are made using different materials and have unique details on them. You should research to understand different styles offered at different outlets. This will help you know the perfect design, details, and colors ideal for your upcoming wedding.

Get bridesmaids insights

The girls are the ones to wear the bridesmaid robes. You should let them have a say in the design, colors, and material. Some would like something durable to wear after the wedding. Therefore, let the girls give their insights on what they would like to wear, and you agree on the most suitable robes to buy.

Get bridesmaids’ measurements

Getting their ideas is not all; you should get their measurements and shapes. Let your tailor measure their body shape and height, and use the details to order the robes. This will ensure that you buy perfectly fitting robes that will make them super-hot on the big day.

Read customer reviews

Not all boutiques offering robes are trusted and reliable. Do your research to know the best stores. Customer reviews will help you know the best boutiques. Visit their websites and social media platforms to read the reviews. If a store has many positive reviews, you can consider them. However, if a store has tens of negative reviews and complaints, that is a red flag.

The Don’ts

Rushing to buy

Rushing to buy robes for your wedding can make you purchase low-quality robes. You can also be scammed online. It is advisable to take your time to research to know reliable boutiques and the best designs suitable for your wedding theme. Researching will also ensure you do a price comparison and even find better deals to help you save money.

Allowing the girls to buy the robes independently

You may be overwhelmed by all the wedding plans, but allowing the girls to buy the bridesmaid robes on their own is a big mistake. On the wedding day, you will be surprised to find the girls have contrasting robes. Without uniformity, your photos will portray that your wedding wasn’t well planned. To avoid that, be in charge or delegate to someone to buy all the robes at once from one outlet, which will help you save

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Forcing the girls to accept your preferred design

Although it’s your wedding, don’t force the girls to accept everything you propose. Give them a chance to express themselves and suggest the designs they would like to wear when getting ready for the wedding. It lets them feel part of the plans, and they will contribute to making the wedding a success. In addition, it will help you choose the best robe design accepted by all members of your team, allowing them to look beautiful and organized on the wedding day.

Final Words

Buying quality bridesmaid robes is not easy in today’s market. You need to research and involve your bridesmaids in the buying process.
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In addition, it is advisable to read customer reviews to know reliable designers and outlets for wedding robes. That way, you will buy quality robes at the best prices.

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