The Extravagant Lifestyle of Casino High Rollers

Any gambler is welcome at a casino, but operators love high-stakes players who bet millions on a single game or sport. These high rollers have significant bankrolls, and losing substantial sums does not dampen their enthusiasm for gambling. The eye-watering amounts they gamble with are more than many people typically earn in a year or an entire lifetime of work.

Casinos roll out the red carpet for these gamblers to retain their loyalty and association with the operator’s brand. Therefore, they go to extensive lengths to make high rollers feel welcome by offering them significant perks.

How do high rollers live?

High rollers live a fast-paced life and have visible online profiles, where they flaunt their fabulous lifestyles. Many work in collaboration with fashion designers to promote products as influencers.
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This is in stark contrast with those that prefer
online gambling as they do not need to dress up for the occasion. These players do not need to maintain a larger-than-life living standard by baring it for all to see on social media.

Many high rollers spend thousands on their outfits, having cosmetic procedures done to retain a youthful look and surrounding themselves with an entourage of beautiful people. This glamorizes their lifestyle and only serves to strengthen the standards of beauty’s social implications.

Treatment at casinos

High rollers are not necessarily professional gamblers. Some are wealthy entrepreneurs and business people with a substantial disposable income. They expect special treatment from casinos, including private jet flights, limousine services, exclusive hotel suites, and casino staff dedicated to ensuring their stay is comfortable. 

Free meals, show tickets, spa treatments, and access to the casino’s amenities, including VIP rooms and private pits, are also part of a high roller’s expectations. Personal shoppers buy items from trending brands for these gamblers, allowing them to spend more time at the casino tables.  

Popularity of casinos’ high rollers

Unlike the first high-stakes gamblers, today’s high rollers seek international fame and prestige. They are reference for players of all ages who admire their lifestyle and gambling ability. Find out below some of the most famous high rollers worldwide:

Dan Bilzerian 

As a wealthy businessman, Dan Bilzerian is a professional poker player with an established social media reputation for living a high life. Bilzerian’s primary income source is high-stakes poker, and rumors are rife that his business holdings are running at substantial losses. 

Bilzerian has many fans who admire his outrageously lavish lifestyle. However, with the negative rumors swirling around him, they wonder how long it will last.

Paul Phua

Asia’s gambling legend and one of the world’s biggest bookmakers, Paul Phua leads a charmed life. He is a professional poker player, and pundits suggest he has won more than $19 million in tournaments.

He also runs a poker strategy site called Paul Phua Poker, where he shares strategies with new players. Phua lives a luxury lifestyle that includes private jet travel and first-class accommodation.

Robert Gorodetsky

Big Rob, as Robert Gorodetsky is known, is the epitome of a Las Vegas high roller. He is an avid sports bettor, with some bets number in the millions of dollars. 

While sports betting is where Gorodetsky earns his income, he also enjoys playing roulette and blackjack. He is friends with several notable celebrities who enjoy high-stakes gambling.

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