Tips for Making Rosemary’s Perfect Cream

The aloe vera gel will make the cream heavier (not as light or fluffy) than if you were to use only water, but aloe also makes it very moisturizing and healing to the skin.
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For this formula, don’t use fresh aloe from your homegrown plants. Though fresh aloe is excellent for your skin, it doesn’t keep well. Use a commercial preparation or aloe gel that has been mixed with citric acid as a preservative. (And, as a reminder, don’t use this cream, or any aloebased preparation, on a staph or strep infection, as aloe will “seal in” the infection.)

Though this recipe appears easy, it is also a bit challenging, as you are attempting to blend (emulsify) water and oil. Follow the recipe closely. If it doesn’t turn out the first time, don’t be discouraged. Let it sit in the blender until the liquid and oils separate (usually just a few hours or overnight); then pour off the liquid and try again.
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If it doesn’t come together on the first try, it generally seems to blend on the second. Or just leave it as is — pour it into a bottle and simply shake well before using.

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The cream should never grow mold on it or go bad. If it does, you’ll find it’s generally because of one or more of the following: Contamination from recycled lids. If you reuse a container, be sure to remove the inner cardboard ring in the lid. It’s a perfect host for bacteria. And be sure the container is washed and thoroughly dried before you fill it with cream. Food ingredients.

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Many foods support mold or bacterial growth. For instance, if you decided you wanted strawberry cream and blended fresh strawberries into your cream base, you’d develop mold on your “Strawberry Cream Delight” within days. It’s fine to use fresh foods and herbs in the cream; just make only enough for a few days and keep the cream refrigerated. Improper storage. Don’t store the cream in too warm a location. It’s best to store any extra in a cool pantry

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