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Are you looking for the best lehenga in trend for your best friend’s wedding? Or, are you a bride looking for the freshest look of the season for the big day? Well, you have landed in just the right place to satisfy your curiosity. Each year we see multiple brides in ethereal outfits starting new trends. Bollywood starlets have their share of wedding lehenga trends they have started. Whether it is a colour palette, a specific designer or an overall aesthetic, wedding lehenga trends cover them all. We see everything nowadays. Some brides embrace minimalism, others take maximalism to new extremes, and yet others entrench themselves in tradition. We see it all. 

In recent times, brides have also been on the hunt for just the right thing that makes their outfits a representation of them. Everyone wants the perfect off-beat wedding dress. Iconic wedding wear designers keep coming up with various designs each season to serve their clientele. But, before we get to that, we have a list of the wedding season-ready outfits every new bride needs in her wardrobe, so go and check it out! And now, the reason you are all here: the top lehenga in trend for the brides of 2023.

Best Lehenga in Trend For 2023

Metallic Lehengas

Metallic lehengas are a favourite of millennial and gen-z brides. Their favourites seem to be designed by Amit Aggarwal and Rimzim Dadu. Metallic, technicolour lehenga in trend was ruling the wedding scene last year. We are sure that it will continue this year too. These elegant lehengas are perfect for your reception where you are the star of the evening. Additionally, if you are a bride who wants to make a statement at the wedding, metallic lehengas are for you. You can also wear these lehengas for your pre-wedding events. The sangeet, engagement or cocktail night is perfect for this type of outfit.

Lavender Haze Lehenga In Trend

Lilac and lavender are trending colours internationally. So, of course, the colour has made its way into the Indian wedding market. Recently we saw Anushka Ranjan get married in an exquisite lavender lehenga. That started the trend of purple lehengas for brides. Even though brides still prefer traditional colours for their wedding, they tend to opt for quirky colours at other events. Purple is a great idea for these pre-wedding rituals. Lavender, lilac and indigo are perfect colours for bridesmaids as well. So definitely check them out!

Extra Long Trails

Drama is the name of the game this wedding season. And what is a better way to get a dramatic wedding look? Well, a long lehenga trail of course! Trails are a trend we have seen on the runways for the 2023 wedding season. These extravagant and bold outfit additions will make sure that everyone knows you are the bride. Additionally, they make for phenomenally grand bridal entries. Now, with a train, you can go as big as Princess Diana did on her wedding day. But, you can also keep a simple, easy-to-walk-in stretch behind you for just a hint of fun. Additionally, you can get a detachable train that you remove after your entrance. 

All That Glitters Like Gold

As Indians, gold is in our veins, particularly for weddings. Gold is the standard auspicious thing for all weddings be it for jewellery, gifts or clothes. So it makes sense that a wedding lehenga in trend is all gold. We saw this colour on the recent Tarun Tahiliani couture show and since then many brides have sported the look. So, if you are wondering whether glittering like gold at your wedding is too much, we can assure you that it is not. Make sure that you add some colour to your gold outfit though. We suggest opting for emeralds or rubies to break the monotony a little. A bold red lip will also suffice. 

Printed Lehenga In Trend

Pre-wedding events often require relaxed outfits that are hassle-free. This is where printed lehengas come into the picture. These fits are perfect for events like the mehendi and sangeet. Additionally, they are great for summer weddings and daytime events. If you are a bridesmaid looking for the perfect breezy outfit to wear to her best friend’s wedding, prints lehengas are the ideal option. They will make it easy for you to carry out your bridesmaid’s duties without the unnecessary trouble of a heavily embroidered lehenga. 

The Can Can Look

We have all heard that every girl dreams of her fairytale princess wedding dress. The can can lehenga in trend takes this dream and makes it a reality. Inspired by the grand princess ball gowns this type of lehenga has layers upon layers of can can in it. The royal look is for royal-themed weddings that take grand to the next level. To make the look unconventional, opt for trending lehenga colours. To see what the top Indian wedding colours for 2023 are, see our blog on the same. All these colours will look phenomenal in the heavy can can look for your royal wedding day. 

Embroidered Pastels For The Win

Embroidered pastels have been in trend for weddings for quite a while. It seems like the trend persists for 2023. With new brides opting for the colour scheme, we know that this is not going away anytime soon. The most recent popular examples of this trend were Athiya Shetty and Kiara Advani. 

Maximalist Lehenga In Trend

Minimalism is having a moment in Indian weddings nowadays. But maximalist brides are taking the spotlight now. Bold red lehengas with heavy embroidery and shimmer all around are making a big comeback. You can see it in the collections of all wedding designers. The philosophy of more is more is taking over. You can imbibe this through your wedding colours, jewellery and makeup. For a lehenga in trend, this means bold colours. Think iconic reds, magenta and royal hues. Additionally, it includes lots of embroidery and shimmer to make you shine. It can also include kitschy prints and colours for pre-wedding events. So, brides, give this trend a try. 

Veil Dupattas Are Still Reigning

A majestic vision of the bride entering with a veil over her head looks divine. Veil dupattas are an interpretation of the double dupatta trend. They take inspiration from the veils worn by Christian brides for their wedding day. Veil dupattas are a fun element to add to your wedding ensemble. It has all the drama, makes for great pictures and can be disposed of off to the side after your bridal entry. For inspiration, check out the veil dupattas worn by Arpita Mehta. 

Unconventional Colours

The wedding year 2023 is for unconventional brides making their own trends. Unconventional colours are a part of it. We have seen quite a few colour combinations to know that different is what is trending. Colours like copper, burgundy, magenta and sapphire make for great wedding lehengas. Another option is a multi-colour lehenga with zari embroidery. The colours are bright, vibrant and completely offbeat. Take inspiration from brides like Masaba Gupta and Alia Bhatt who chose off-the-track colours for their weddings. So go ahead and give this lehenga in trend a try. 

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And that’s it! We hope that this article helped you get some know what the top lehenga in trend is. We are sure that you will find your perfect dress amid these trends. For any assistance regarding wedding or personal styling, contact us at Styl-Inc and our team of expert stylists will get in touch with you.

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