What are the famous services of nail salons?

Are you looking for a new nail salon to try out? Or maybe you’re just curious about the different types of services that salons offer. Regardless, this guide is for you! We’ll be going over the most popular services offered by nail salons so that you can make an informed decision the next time you book an appointment. Keep in mind that prices and availability may vary depending on your location. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


In today’s world it’s very important from both the health and hygiene points of view to have your finger nails clean, neat and smooth looking. Having a neat set of finger nails is the sign of good grooming. To get your hands in healthy state it’s important to have manicure done regularly at least once a month or once in 15 days depending on your requirement and pocket size. Basically there are three types of manicures viz., Classic, French and Pink.

Classic Mani involves shaping of natural nail, push back cuticles, cuticle maintenance, filing &buffing, application of creams & lotion.

French Mani includes all aspects involved in French manicure apart from the use of white paint which is done to make it look classy.

Pink Mani comprises of use pink nail color instead of white over the nails & French tip.

Some nail salons like also offer different types of manicure services like Paraffin for their clients.

 Why Manicure

Manicure is a day-to-day procedures performed on human fingernails and hand by a manicurist. Its purpose is to beautify and groom the nails, cuticles and surrounding skin of the hands. It can also promote healthy nail growth, prevent nail diseases or treat nail illnesses that commonly start with damaged nails. The hands are the most frequently encountered body part in social situations so an attractive appearance allows individuals to improve their self-image as well as helps them feel confident about themselves. A good manicure enhances one’s sense of wellbeing.


Pedicure is a procedure for keeping feet in healthy condition by massaging, cleaning, cutting or clipping toenails and using lotions.

A pedicurist attends to the customer’s feet before performing any type of foot care; this includes bathing them in warm water to soften skin and nails, applying foot scrub, followed by application of moisturizer to hydrate dry skin. Brushing out any debris between the toes might occur next, then trimming and filing nails with an electric file (nail cl are often used when treating fingernails, but are considered less effective on toenails).

A pedicurist may also buff the nails to remove any surface contaminants. It is common for the nail bulbs to be cut back during a pedicure treatment, though some salons will not perform this service due to safety or liability concerns, or if they lack proper equipment. Such trimming of the nail plate is often done with specialized toe nail clippers that have sharper blades than those used for finger nails, although many technicians use standard fingernail clippers. Foot masks are another form of pedicure. A variety of masks are available, including mud masks and hot oil massage

Classic Pedicure Steps

The subsequent phases of a pedicure include filing and shaping,soaking, and softening. The next part of a pedicure is exfoliation. If necessary, calluses can be removed with a pumice stone or loofah, though this process may cause irritation to the skin on the foot if performed incorrectly. Most pedicures end with nail polish being applied to the toe nails, although some nail salons will finish a leg massage instead.

How to find best nail salon in your area

There are different ways to find best nail salons in your area via Google or Bing search engines. There is another way to find local nail salons like in your local business directories or in Google maps. In this way you will be able to find the best nail salons services in your area with the help of existing customer reviews.

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