What Celebrities Think About Online Casinos

In the few decades since they first launched, online casinos have come a long way. New technological developments allow players to experience something as close to going to a land-based facility as possible. Now that some US states have legalized online casinos and a few more are hot on their heels, online gambling is no longer an illicit activity that no one feels safe talking about.

Indeed, many celebrities have embraced online casinos and play their games frequently. Here are some examples:

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is well-known for his love of gambling and is often a fixture at some of the world’s most famous casinos. When he cannot visit a casino, Affleck will go onto an online gambling site to play casino games. Poker remains his favorite game. With his recent reunion with old flame Jennifer Lopez, people speculate whether he will still spend so much time gambling. However, his love of poker will undoubtedly prevail, and he will continue playing, whether in-person or online.

Jennifer Tilly

The Bride of Chucky star has several feature films under her belt and enjoys playing online casino games. The Canadian-born actress has often been seen at Las Vegas’s biggest casinos, sporting a unique fashion sense that she combines with antique jewelry. Tilly is a professional gambler with a reputation for winning substantial sums in games against renowned players. She has followed in her father’s footsteps as he was a professional poker player. For relaxation, the star also enjoys playing slot games. She often uses internet casinos when she cannot visit land-based facilities.

Charlie Sheen

Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen is no stranger to the paparazzi following his every move. He is frequently seen visiting casinos to indulge in his love of gambling. However, when he wants to play casino games without being stalked by a group of baying photographers, Sheen is happy to play at online casinos. He favors poker and sports betting, often playing for substantial sums.
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The star has faced many problems with addiction, and fans hope that gambling online is not one of them.

Pamela Anderson

Baywatch’s beautiful blond lifeguard Pamela Anderson is another of the many celebs who love casinos. Anderson has taken an active role in promoting several online casinos. Software developers have even created slot games around this icon, with Baywatch-themed games finding great favor among fans. Anderson enjoys playing at online casinos, citing the convenience of playing whenever it suits her as one of the reasons.

Ray Romano

The Everybody Loves Raymond star is an accomplished actor and stand-up comedian. He is also a great fan of blackjack and poker and is a fixture at competitive poker tournaments. While he does enjoy visiting brick-and-mortar casinos, Romano also enjoys online gambling, where he plays his favorite games. He likes online casinos as he can play without being recognized from the comfort of home. He can also fit online gambling into his busy schedule, even if it is only for a short time between shows and other commitments.

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