What Makes a Diamond Engagement Ring So Attractive?

If you are considering purchasing a diamond engagement ring, you may wonder what makes a white sapphire so attractive.
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To help you decide, you can learn more about the differences between these two gemstones, their hardness rating and price range. Read on to find out which is the right choice for you! And don’t forget to visit our FAQ section to learn more. There is also a helpful chart at the end of this article that compares the price of white sapphires and diamonds.

Diamonds and white sapphires

In terms of appearance, diamonds and white sapphires are quite similar. Their primary difference is their price. While the cost of a diamond is higher, sapphires are much more affordable. Both stones are colorless and durable, though they are not perfect replicas of one another. A diamond is the hardest natural gemstone, but sapphires diamond vs white sapphire are much cheaper. A diamond is a better value when it comes to a ring, but sapphires have more inherent beauty than diamonds.

The GIA is not accredited to grade white sapphires, although it can give an accurate assessment of a diamond’s clarity and cut. While diamonds have four C’s, sapphires are graded based on their other characteristics. Since sapphires lack color, conventional standards don’t apply. Also, color is subjective and cannot be measured. GIA’s report will tell you the quality of your diamond.

Refractive index

While white sapphires are beautiful and often used in jewelry, they require a regular cleaning in order to retain their beauty. Their lower refractive index means they are less likely to scratch, and their sparkle isn’t as dazzling as a diamond. Diamonds are more durable than sapphires, but they must be kept clean. Sapphires are often dull in the setting, while diamonds sparkle even with a small amount of soap residue in their setting.

The price difference between diamonds and white sapphires is substantial. While natural sapphires are rare, they can be found in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and western United States. These gemstones are usually clear, but have a cloudy white hue, making them difficult to mistake for diamonds. While they are both considered to be hard gems, sapphires score a nine on the Mohs scale, which makes them a good choice for everyday wear. As they measure nine on the Mohs scale, sapphires are durable and can be worn for years without losing their luster.

Ideal choice

In comparison to diamonds, white sapphires are cheaper and offer better value. While both gemstones are similar in appearance and specification, their cost difference makes them an ideal choice for those looking for more value for their money. White sapphire rings are more affordable than diamond rings and are often available in larger carat sizes. They can be made in a variety of styles and are less expensive than diamond rings.

While sapphires do not have a cut grading system, quality of the cut does affect the brilliance. The better the cut of the stone, the more expensive it is. The highest quality white sapphire is triple-A, while A-graded sapphires are A-quality. If you are comparing the price difference between diamonds and white sapphires, the price gap is minimal and will continue to grow.

Imitation diamonds

A white sapphire is a diamond imitation. These stones are used because of their resemblance to diamonds and their relative durability. While diamonds are the hardest natural gem, sapphires are harder, at nine on the Mohs scale. For this reason, white sapphires make excellent imitation diamonds. In general, white sapphires are more durable than most diamonds.

Both white sapphire and diamond are durable. They have similar hardness ratings, but sapphires are less resistant to chipping than other gemstones. The hardness rating, White Sapphire Vs Diamond also called stability, measures a gemstone’s resistance to environmental factors. White sapphires are more susceptible to heat and humidity, which can result in damage. Diamonds are considered more durable, but sapphires are less durable.

Environmental factors

When choosing a gemstone for an engagement ring, you’ll want to consider the color. While sapphires are most popular for their blue color, they can be yellow, pink, and white. Sapphires are made of aluminum oxide and are considered corundum’s, just like ruby stones. White sapphires are less expensive and less prone to scratching. This means that you can spend less on an engagement ring and still be confident that it will last a lifetime.


While white sapphire is more durable than diamond, moissanite has a higher hardness rating. Moissanite can withstand pressures as high as 52.1 gigapascals, making it an excellent choice for high-pressure experiments. Moissanite is also harder than cubic zirconia, but it scratches much more easily. Moissanite and diamond are both available at different price ranges.

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