5 Tricks on How to Get Your Room Look Bigger Than it Actually is

Small cozy places are very common nowadays and many people find themselves in them. However, often certain rooms can be so tiny that they might feel claustrophobic. Yet you might not have the budget to get a bigger place or revamp it completely. In such cases, things often feel hopeless.  Fortunately, this doesn’t need to become a problem since there are many easy ways to combat the issue. Many professionals have found a way to make a space comfortable so that each room in a house can be utilized properly.

1.  Contrast-

The best and most commonly suggested way to deal with this problem is by contrasting colors in a room. Lighter shades reflect more light and open it up, which makes the room look bigger. An accent wall where one wall is darker than the other lighter shades of walls is also a great option. You can also get contrasting furniture at very low prices.
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For instance, if you have sky blue walls, you can get royal blue or red chairs for rent which makes a room look dynamic.

2.  Light-

As you can see, light is your best friend. A great way to make a room look big is by letting in a lot of natural light. If it’s your home, make a bigger window space.
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If you’re living in a rented apartment, you can add extra light sources like various lamps, ceiling lights, led strips, etc. The more light you let into the place, the more open it feels which completely gets rid of the claustrophobic feeling.

3.  Mirrors-

Mirrors are typically used for creating illusions and that’s exactly what you will do in your room. Get a full-size mirror or even a hanging one and place it opposite to the length of the room. This gives the illusion of depth, making it look bigger. A mirror also reflects light which adds to the brightness of a room. You can use the mirror too by getting a chair on rent in front of the mirror and use it as a vanity.

4. Get Rid Of Clutter-

If you have a small room, one of your biggest enemies is mess and clutter. You have to make sure that you are keeping your space extremely organized. Get various storage bins and make smarter decisions with your furniture. Instead of a couch and bed, you can just get a sofa-come-bed which saves a lot of space. Or you can get beds that have storage space beneath. Either way making use of multifunctional furniture is key and any old furniture should be removed or recycled with the help of a rubbish removal Sydney service.. Invest in cupboards or storage bins which are a cheaper option. Keep your space clean and it will look much more open.

5.  Furniture Material-

You have to be mindful of the material of furniture for your smaller room. Don’t get solid materials like wood or metal. Instead, get glass or lucite. If things are transparent, the object beyond looks farther than they are, creating a perfect illusion for a small space.

You can get glass coffee tables or lucite end tables or chairs for rent very easily. They are extremely cheap and a very smart investment for your space.

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