6 of the best color combination for your brand

Do you know the first thing prospective customers are watching? Your image. The logo you design well is the most important in all of your images. In the end, no matter how your efforts to be, your worth is measured by what you wear. Thus, establishing an effective company without a unique logo won’t work.

Why do I require a logo?

Without an logo, a business’s image is difficult to create. Without it, no stylish sign will suffice or an online site. The very fact that you have an Instagram account could appear to be suspicious. Furthermore that, without it, your business is much more difficult to comprehend since potential clients don’t have an image of your company. However, even if you have chose to design an emblem and have begun to develop your concept it is important to remember that when it comes to this type of thing, it is crucial to pick the ideal color combination. Why?

Let’s look at an instance. Every person has an color that is suitable for them the best, and also the most. It is based on the shade of the hair and skin tone, age and the list goes on. If he chooses to wear the incorrect color it will make him be uncomfortable and appear less attractive.

It’s the same with logos that are appropriate for various areas of business. If a specific color for logos doesn’t match your business and the logo isn’t appropriate, it will cause a negative impression on potential customers. Since all colors influence the subconscious of humans in a ways. Take note of not only the aesthetic appeal the color is, but also to its psychological significance. Your brand will then be remembered more effectively and the relationships are positive.

It also adds the importance and significance as a color to the brand. There are a variety of trends for various tones. Let’s discuss them in the following paragraphs.

Are there any sought-after colors in the present?

If you would like your next logo to be built on different colors and shades, then they need to be visually balanced. There are a variety of methods to choose color combinations for logos:

  • Monochrome colors. This method of blending is refined and conservative. is built on the use of various shades and tones that are one color (for instance the spectrum of red which ranges in lightness to darkness).
  • Similar colors. This technique is used to create shades that are side-by-side in the color wheel.
    Complementary (complementary) colors. This is a scheme that uses colors which are opposite one in the color wheel (for instance yellow and purple or green and red as well as blue and orange). Because of their contrast and intense it is often difficult to combine them in a harmonious way particularly when they are in pure form.
  • Separate-complementary colors. This technique involves selecting the most suitable color that is on the color wheel and then on top of that there are 2 flanking colors. In this instance the contrast is just similar to the composition that is complementary, however it is not as sharp.
  • Triad. This method is where the selection is made based on three colors that are at the same distance apart (for instance, yellow-orange, blue-green, and red-violet).
    Tetrad (double complementary). The basis of the scheme lies in the 2 pairs of colors that complement one another. In this way you first choose one most dominant among the 4 colors after which you can adjust the saturation of one or all colors.

The most effective colors to use for logos

The latest trends influence their choices not just for clothing or interiors but also the design of logos for companies. In the colors are used on the signs and on the main pages of online shops more often as well there’s a certain style. Which are your most sought-after colors currently?

Blue + white

The cold color and its various shades in the majority of instances are associated with that color of sky as well as the water. It helps you relax and focus. Blue is a favorite color of food producers, IT firms, and food companies. The most vivid representation for this color and its combination is Facebook.

White and red

The most emotional and aggressive. The color is arousing and energetic messages that typically draw the attention of. It increases the breath rate, and heartbeat, as well as activating the pituitary gland. This is typically found as a part of “edible”, medical and other fields that are associated with the desire to act. The most famous example in this color and its combination is KFC.

White and yellow

Positive and cheerful tint! It evokes only positive feelings. It is also associated with sun. Maybe that’s why it makes a pleasant taste in our mouths. The most frequently used by companies that make household items, as well as technology. Also popular with the owners of companies in the field of food. The most vivid representation to this color and its combination is Lays.

White + green

It’s connected with tranquility, freshness and good health. This color is the most sought-after color by beverage companies, IT firms, and beverage makers. The most vibrant representation from this color and the combination is Sprite.

White + purple

A truly intriguing shades. It is elegant and elegant. In a nutshell”royal. Particularly often, it is favored by companies in the financial sector and producers of sweets. The most striking representation for this color and combo is Milka.

White + black

Pricey color. It doesn’t have any unnecessary features. It is elegant, stylish and timeless. It is well-loved by businesses that offer expensive items. It’s not without reason. The color appears to be very expensive. The most striking example for this color and combo can be seen in Victoria’s Secret.

Other popular colors include pink, gold, and orange. However, it is crucial to decide which will be your company’s official logo color. To determine this, be aware of the area of your company and those of your intended customers.

The most effective color combinations for logos

As you’ve probably guessed there aren’t any monochrome logos. They have to make use of at minimum three or two colors. It’s the reason it’s so important to pair your ideal shade with a similarly perfect all-arounder. Below is an assortment of the coolest combos that are currently popular.

As a first step Let us say that most colors work well when paired with white or black. White is a great match for black, red, and blue. Also, red, lilac orange, and yellow work best when paired with black.

  • Purple + yellow;
  • Gold + olive
  • Pink + mint green color;
  • Purple+gray;
  • Gray + fuchsia color;
  • White + green;
  • Red and lemon;
  • Blue+pink;
  • Red+brown;
  • Beige + emerald.


It is evident that deciding on the right colors for your logo must be taken with care. Find out who your audience is and your area of operation as well as other aspects. Be sure to investigate the psychological effect of every color on the individual.

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